Steam Store to allow everything that isn't illegal or trolling


Glad they didn’t give into the SJW journalists


Let’s not start that.


Really respect Valve for doing this. There’s no reason to sensor games and not put them on Steam. Unhappy with a game’s content? Don’t buy. It shouldn’t be unavailable for some because it makes others unhappy.


Two words
Hunie Pop



Eh, Gotta agree with Jim Sterling on this one, they do a poor enough job of keeping asset flips and similar dump off the platform as it is. I know they have the money to better curate the content there. This isn’t just monitoring racist crap. “not illegal or trolling” is so broad, tons of crap can seep in anyway. That’s if they even manage to keep everything that is “Illegal or trolling” off the service.

This seems lazy. More to the point, it seems like it’s being done because Steam is under no threat of being unseated as the de facto online gaming storefront. What’s to worry about regulation when you are a monopoly? Who does all there gaming on Uplay, or EA’s thing?

Exclusive content isn’t a threat to Steam like it is to other similar services. Take netflix for example, It’s filled with garbage mostly, and their own original shows. They pump out original shows because they were only ever a contracting service, and other networks decided to pull all their old content and make their own services. Now you have Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, Disney is making their own, I think AMC and cinemax want one…etc and Netflix is desperately pumping out original content(That’s expensive as hell to make) to keep their subs up now.

To my knowledge, Steam is under no such threat YET. If it ever is, I’m betting we’ll see the first teaser for Half Life 3(not that they’re withholding it or something), because they’ll be in the same boat. Until then, this seems like they’re washing their hands of responsibility because people have no other options.


I don’t get it. Racist content would be allowed, but trolling wouldn’t be? What do they mean by trolling? Trolling must be a lot worse than I thought it was.


What racist content?


I believe they said they would permit it on their store, with this new policy.


There is a certain thing called ‘quality control’ that’s about to take a dive so hard, Jules Vern could use as a drill to the center of the planet . . .


I would actually like troll games because they’re just so insane it’s comical. I know not everyone is as carefree as me, but I feel everything can be laughed at if executed well.


This is what I took away. Less being pioneers of anti censorship and more “we can’t police everything, so we won’t”.


Seems to be the case. I’ve found that I play games through Steam less and less these days. Whereas I used to browse their store to find new games, I no longer want to touch it with a ten foot pole. I’ll search for a specific game to buy it, but that’s it. Their discovery queues don’t work for me, and I keep finding super questionable content.

Oh well! I guess there’s also the fact that I increasingly prefer console games since I can be on the couch instead of at my desk like at work…


Yeah, there is a problem when platforms get too large like this, a lack of direction by the platform means that you are going to only ever reasonably find what is either tending or has paid for their coverage.

I don’t want platforms like steam to just be an open library ecosystem, because that doesn’t benefit me as a gamer, and it doesn’t benefit the gaming community. If you have to go to third parties to get enough info to sort the wheat from the chaff then the ecosystem is failing at one of the things it should be providing.

Like others have said, laziness that still makes them money, and I imagine this wording is broad enough that they will basically take anyone’s money until their content generates enough heat that the money it gives them (which I still imagine is largely an upfront income on the old bell curve) isn’t worth the wider reputation implications and they’ll just label it “trolling” or something and can it.


I’m not all that surprised. They can’t monitor everything without hiring a lot more when they just let everything on. It used to be greenlight would let the good games on but people thought that was too high a bar so now all you need is 100 dollars to release whatever trash you want.


Remember when Valve made games? Those were the days.


Valve should have just made it more restrictive in allowing new content on the platform.

Like, less restrictions for already established publishers/dev studios and game designers while newer ones will need to fill in a form and meet certai requirements to weed out the really bad stuff.

Or just create an entirely different store for new indie stuff. Sells well enough? Put it on the main one.


On the one hand, laissez faire is meant to promote growth and improvement of products.

On the other hand, when applied to the game industry it means an influx of very low-effort, “trashy” products.

While it is a good thing that Steam won’t be censoring products, it’s also worth considering that Steam will no longer be a marketplace full of great games and ideas. I’m afraid that the garbage porn games will soon outnumber the good ones and those hidden gems which people find by surfing the store will be swamped.

Hopefully they’ll implement a filter system which prevents that from happening or at least mitigates it.


Which would be much less popular and basically be doomed to fail? Why go to the shit store when if it’s any good it’ll eventually end up on the main store.


because the indie store would still promote best sellers and/or highest reviewed games.

Plus, indie games don’t always enjoy a lot of advertisements but get more popular by word of mouth. I mean, most people will just look for the indie game directly regardless of store, because they’ve seen gameplay or read a review elsewhere.

Plus, if Valve would also sanity check very low reviews from new indie games (for ex. due to asset flip), they really should send a notice to those devs to improve their rating or be taken off the store.

All these suggestions don’t take too much effort from Valve in my opinion. But unfortunately this just spells the beginning of the end for the steam store.

No wonder that there are new developers who prefer to make their own platform.


Valve are just a joke now. It will not be a shock if their hubris becomes their downfall. They don’t make games anymore, the store always has issues that can go untouched for years and now this “great decision” …what the fuck do they do? Sit there talking shit all day and then get out some HL3 sketches for when Gabe walks past? “Oh hey gabe…oh this yeah it’s HL3 material…yup, anyday now…well actually I mean we could do with another 10 years if that’s ok?..sweet thanks gabe, have a good day…he’s gone, let’s watch love island”