Steam sale requests: what are good titles under 15-20 dollars?


Very simple. I am currently looking for one last title that I want to buy from this Steam sale, but I just don’t know which one.

If you know a good game, and it is below 20 dollars, please post it here and also why it is such a good game.

Things that have piqued my interest so far: Subnautica, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Metro Bundle, Payday 2 GOTY edition, Tales of Symphonia, Divinity: Original Sin edition


I’ve played wolfenstein: The New Order and suggest it is worth it for under 10 bucks. It’s not a bad game, but the single player doesn’t do anything too amazing tbh.

Metro was a great series and I really liked both of them. I think that would be worth it alone if you think you might enjoy it.

Payday 2 really depends. If you don’t mind solo sneaking the hard missions and learning the little things that allow you to solo all the heists then you might want to make sure you have friends to play with. Most average players aren’t that great. I really only play with random people online when it is a ‘loud’ mission and no sneaking is needed. For sneaking, I just solo them on the hardest difficulties. It might take a little while to learn the mechanics but I think it’s worth it. That being said I’ve clocked in a TON of hours with Payday 2 and they always seem to have new DLC to bring me back if for nothing else to check it out when it goes on 75% sale if you don’t mind not having the best toys right away.


Rocket League - I don’t really like sports games or driving games, but somehow I love Rocket League. It’s just pure fun. None of the DLC is compulsory; some of the new cars control ever so slightly differently, but largely it’s all cosmetic.

The Payday 2 GOTY is probably worth picking up, especially if you have friends that also have the game. It’s slightly less appealing solo or with pubbers, but can still be a lot of fun. I played the shit out of it up until the microtransactions hit, and will likely be getting into it again at some point now that they’re gone again. The GOTY edition includes all the DLC that I consider to be pretty much necessary.

Divinity: OS is a super solid game. I’ve never managed to finish it because I keep trying 2-player co-op with a bunch of flakes, but one of these days I plan to start a solo game and do a full playthrough.

Hammerfight is one of the few games that I pretty much ALWAYS keep installed to fire up when I don’t know what I want to play, and it’s dirt cheap right now.


Thanks for your input @MaddCow! Since PayDay 2 is now 75% off, making it 14 CAD for GOTY edition, I might buy it. Metro bundle right now is 10 CAD making it a bargain as well.

I’ll wait to see what others say, but currently leaning more towards PayDay 2.


Rocket League was one of the first games I bought this sale! :smiley:
Also PayDay 2 no longer has microtransactions anymore, making me more inclined to buy it.


From those games you’ve mentioned I would choose Divinity. Divinity is one of the games, that I would enjoy for atleast 80h. If you into storytelling, grab The Walking Dead from Telltale for 20h+ and The Wolf Among Us


I totally forgot about The Walking Dead Telltale series, especially since the third one is on its way.
I was just checking out Dark Souls: Prepare to die as I never played the Dark Souls series.

If only I had more money…


Get Divinity 2: Developer’s Cut. It’s only £2.24 at the moment. Great rpg, one of my favourites. :slight_smile:


I’m an absolute fanboy of the Tales of series, I’m warning you the ports not very good.


I saw the original steam reviews saying that, although the recent ones state that this is now fixed.

I do however already made my choice and bought PayDay 2 GOTY edition. I watched gameplay online and I’m a sucker for such shooters. Also it seems like something nice to play with other people as well.


Firewatch is on sale. I want it bad! Also, Arkham Knight!


Are you sure you can run it? :stuck_out_tongue:


OS: Win 7 SP1, Win 8.1 (64-bit Operating System Required)
Processor: Intel Core i7-3770, 3.4 GHz | AMD FX-8350, 4.0 GHz
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 - 3 GB Memory Recommended | AMD Radeon HD 7950 - 3 GB Memory Recommended
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 55 GB available space

Oh yeah. :thumbsup:


But didn’t Arkham Knight run horrid on almost everything PC?


Oh yeah, at first. They pulled it from Steam until the port was re-done.


Wasn’t it still bad then?


I think id did some of the best action in a FPS that I have ever played. The game was super fast and jammed full of extra stuff.


Well I haven’t played it, silly.