Steam reviews so messed up


Almost all the negative reviews are form people who don’t even own the game, why are alpha only players allowed to steam review the LIVE product?
Can you guys talk to someone about fixing that? lol. Or is the damage as irreversible as Carmacs condition?

Steam Community Hub Data (Reviews, Hours Played etc)

I don’t think there is a lot that can be done here. The alpha is the same steam app as the release, and steams system allows you to review any game that you played. Even if you no longer do.

If they remove all the alpha-only reviews now, Evolve will get a lot of shit about removing negative reviews in order to look better.

Edit: I posted my own review this morning, which seems to be marked “unhelpful” a lot. I guess I could’ve expected that, having an opinion that doesn’t fit either of the 2 main views people have (“Evolve sucks!” and “Everything is great, including the DLC”)


I already mentioned this. Someone screwed up badly by making Alpha the same app as final release.


This is bad. Alpha/Beta reviews should have been removed and also Alpha/Beta players are leaving new reviews when it should be reviews from only people who have purchased the game? It’s not very informative when reviews are based on an unfinished product.


its so funny reading the comments and seeing the rewievs there xDDD People crying about skins always puts a smile on my face every single time.


Thing is, based on the downvotes of positive reviews, I think removing those reviews would just create another new “controversy” for people to whine and bitch about. With the game out let word of mouth of people who enjoy the game do the talking, the petty whining is pretty easy to spot for most people and better ignored.


Speaking of messed up reviews, it’s all the same on Metacritic. The worst part of it is that it does not even require you to have the game, so you can expect even worse bashing there.

I do agree DLCs are the plague and the way 2K handled it was beyond awful, but the game itself is still tons of fun and that’s hardly ever mentioned in the negative reviews precisely because it’s not negative.

DLCs are unfortunately here to stay. Some people are just too thickheaded to understand the strategy behind Evolve’s DLCs to even give it a second thought. A part of me wants to believe they had pre-purchased Borderlands 2 + Season Pass + all the extra DLCs with no qualms. Or Civilization V + all the DLCs and expansions. You know, games from the exact same publisher as Evolve.

The shitstorm should settle down as time goes on and the haters move on to hate something else. Let us have fun and make this game successful without them… or despite them.


Last I looked, the game was in the #1 sales spot on Steam, so I don’t imagine it’s doing too much damage. S’just a bunch of people determined to yell loudly to whoever will listen.


Well they managed to bring the review score down enough that Evolve is no longer considered “Good” on steam.

So yeah, this is so annoying, they don’t have the bloody game. EVERYONE had the alpha, people who know NOTHING about the game are just giving it negatives because they can, I bet some of them are not even upset about anything.


This is exactly why the ONLY reviews I ever accept anymore are my own, via watching the game on Twitch and chatting with the streamers. (Or trusted friends of course).

Sometimes Indie games and such it’s hard and I have to HUNT for reviews I deem credible, but it’s worth the time.


So almost every “Review” is negative on the page and belongs to someone who DOESN’T EVEN OWN THE GAME.

This is just retarded, they need to talk to steam somehow about this. I can’t believe these people are getting away with this.



@macman @slabomeat For the love of god, do something ASAP.


People chill with the worry about the steam reviews. All the negative ones are saying the same thing about stuff like DLC etc. If someone isn’t going to buy the game because of that then they probably never was and these negative reviews aren’t going to change that. But people actually looking for a good game probably won’t be deterred because they will see the positive reviews saying it’s actually a good game. It’s not like most of the negative reviews are saying it’s a bad game.


So all most helpful reviews are negative, thanks to DLC bullshit and now also a skinshop in a full price title. I like the game but this is a direct result of publisher failure. Riddling a new IP with the FULL program of DLCs, pre-order bait, corporate decadency and greed was their biggest mistake.


Maybe, it’s the fault of whoever thought having the Alpha/Beta listed as the same full game for steam was a good idea, probably steam’s fault, listing it as the steam application ID. I imagine TRS could complain and they would fix it, but they have to do IT NOW before it becomes irreversible damage.

This has show me how disgusting, and vile the steam community is, I am leaving the steam community after this.
All groups, chats, etc… Just using it for my games and to talk to my friends, everything else is a nope from now on. No reviews, nothing.

ANYWAYS, Nothing I can do about it so back to the game for me :slight_smile:


i want them to remove reviews, but then again it would be unfair.

i feel what they should do is mark every review before game launch as ‘‘early acess review’’ that way people can see what is made when and who actually owns the game.


No, they should be removed anyways they are not even about the game, even professional review companies state they don’t consider DLC in a game review at all.

They should remove any review, positive or negative from people who have to played the live version of the game.

Then put a notice on the game page, a steam notice that says “All reviews from alpha/beta period were mistakenly listed as the same ID as the live product and have been MOVED accordingly to the alpha/beta game page instead”

If they separated them they could do that easily. If the game is hidden then they would become hidden. Point is they would need a notice to whatever they do. TRS should talk to steam, they are basically getting bullied.


I’d say that’s what you get when you pack your actually great game with so much overpriced DLC and ingame shops, something that half of the players despise and hate, in the hope that at least a few stray whales pick up on it and extend their spent money on the game towards the $100 mark.

It’s all on 2K Games and their incompetence to market their game properly. Most people see the DLC program and instantly dismiss the game as DLC infested.

And what are they doing? An ingame skin shop! Where all skins combined cost around $50, just as much as the game. Some of you might buy into that ‘options, nothing more…’ but there are also many who do not.


If someone doesn’t see a skin as an optional purchase they really have a sickness and are akin to a digital hoarder…


It’s a fullprice title, the trend goes towards live service, you pay for the full game and optionally you can pay another $50-100 to enjoy the extra convenience, they have prepared for their dearest customers.

Ingame shops in full price titles are a blight, they need to go. If i wouldn’t like Evolve so much, i would’ve posted a negative review aswell.