Steam Reviews - go make them


Ohh my.

How is it that people who do not own the game are able to make reviews? Is it because they were in the Alpha? The steam Evolve user reviews are inundated with tons of negative reviews that are almost all about how bad the DLC is in general and say nothing about the game itself. A lot are salty about how bad day 1 DLC is and to not buy Evolve. Check their library, most also don’t own the game…

If you are able to, write a review on steam. I don’t care if it is negative. Just make it honest based on facts. If you are salty about the DLC, thats fine but at least talk about the game as well. And if you are going to complain about the DLC, make sure you have your facts straight. As in…there is no day 1 DLC other than skins, Wraith is not locked behind a pre-purchace pay wall, 2K isn’t using profits from DLC to drown kittens.


Yeah, I’m reading some of them and they talk about how they were only in the alpha, and how the game doesn’t have enough content for the price

Edit: Also seeing all the dlc misinformation makes me cry inside


The reviews went down 4% since release…the entire first page is negative reviews about DLC and nothing else.


Don’t worry the person above minimal intelligence realizes that steam reviews aren’t worth anybodies time, and are just a place for trolls to fester.


I dunno, most PC games are sold on steam, most people on steam at least glance at the score/reviews.


And Evolve is at an 80. People that actually know how to buy a game, post launch, will not base the game solely off of the first 50 steam reviews.


I just read the reviews, My god im crying slightly inside at all the misinformation and crap people are touting.


It’s at 71%. Which is actually rather low.


It was at an 80% yesterday. Let the haters hate on the game, and post positive things if you want. People are angry over a product that was clearly sold to them.