Steam reviews by people that do not actually own the game should be removed


I posted this thread on the Steam Evolve forums but I wanted to post here so maybe some TurtleRockStudios staff can see it and try to fix the issue.

There have been a number of reviews by people that have only played in the alpha or beta and do not own the full game. If possible, these reviews should be removed as they’re only whining about DLC and other nonsense and not actually reviewing the game itself. What’s even more frustrating is that people are actually rating these reviews up…

Steam really shouldn’t allow reviews unless a certain amount of time has been played in the game. I understand they are only allowed to review this game because the alpha and beta were set under the same community and these players were not removed from the community so unfortunately these people that don’t own the game are able to spread nonsense reviews that misinform people that view the Steam store page.

If possible the players that only player alpha or beta should be removed from the list so that they cannot review this game and their current Evolve reviews removed.

Hopefully the reviews of those that do not own the game can be removed from Steam in the near future.


I was just about to post a similar thread, but seeing as you already made one, this works too.

People are abusing their ability to downvote a game without buying it (at least…that appears to be what’s going on). Case in point: The guy who posted the top rated review under the “Helpful” category of Evolve reviews doesn’t own the game. Imagine all the hate the COD games would get, if just anyone could post a review on one! It’s not fair that a vocal group of people who went the “X? Preorder canceled.” route, just because they played the Big Alpha.

I’m not an advocate of censorship; I’m all for freedom of expression online. But this is just ridiculous.

Edit: After thinking about the potential consequences, I’ve changed my mind. Reviews from people who didn’t buy the game shouldn’t be removed, since there could be a potential backlash and controversy all over again. Unless 2K handles it perfectly, which they probably won’t, there’s gonna be hate for removing reviews (even though it’s not fair for us who actually bought the game).


Agreed completely.

I saw reviews that actually stated they do not own the game.


Just ignore them. If you have the bad reviews deleted it’ll turn out like the shitstorm that surrounded Spore. They’ll all run to Amazon and 1-star Evolve (like they are already doing). Then the media will go crazy saying 2K is silencing gamers. Nobody cares about Steam reviews. Metacritic, Polygon, and IGN scores are more important.


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Not only that, but you guys are forgetting that it’s out for 2 other platforms. Just put it in perspective, the minority are the loudest, the people who love the game are actually playing it. And the game sold magnificently im sure. with 25k people playing on steam, at least earlier, and many more on console. the games doing fine.


Exactly, it’s not how the Steam review system is supposed to work. It’s only because of a loophole that they are allowed to. It annoys me enough when people misuse the Steam review system to make jokes or just give incredibly vague and inane reviews while giving the game a bad rating because that negatively affects the rating of the game without good reason.

Of course I do not support censorship but considering this is not the way the Steam reviews are supposed to work then I would have no problem with removing these reviews. I would have much less problem with bad reviews that complain about DLC and nothing more if it’s from people that actually own the game, though I would still be annoyed by it since it’s not a proper review.


Lol, I love how you said that.

I’m gonna use that quote, if you don’t mind :smile:


It should be done, but some weaboo is gonna claim that he/she owns the game and that TRS and 2K just want to destroy criticism, and it’s cool to bash this game right now, so god knows what would happen…


That is true. People will view that as censorship because so many gamers, well people in general really, like to complain and make issues out of things that simply aren’t. Removing reviews by people that do not own the game would be a correction as Steam reviews aren’t supposed to work like that. People will go on about how these people have the right to complain about the DLC but it doesn’t change the fact that what they’re saying is often misinformed, simply complaining about the DLC isn’t a proper review and the vast majority of these reviews don’t even mention the game itself and that these people should not be able to review a game on Steam they do not actually own.

It’s simple yet people will turn it into something that it’s not and make a big deal of it.


Yeah, realistically, it’s best to just ignore the angry, vocal crowd. Sure, some people will probably be discouraged from buying the game, but that’s a necessary sacrifice. If 2K gets reviews removed, chances are that things will get even more f***** up, because of the backlash of angry haters. Maybe 2K could make some kind of public statement about this, but judging by how things have been going (especially with that one 2K executive that said the hate was good…), chances are that that’s not gonna happen.
I revoke my previous statement; keep the reviews, they’ll get filtered out eventually. (I’ll make a point to re-review the game in the next few weeks, so as to get something more legitimate)


What makes me angry is that a whole lot of young adults who are supposed to be inteligent and bright seem to choose to not think for themself anymore and do not intellectually think about all the nuances that surrounds dlc. Dlc for one game ain’t the same as for the other.


Their inability to think for themselves is clear. They join this hive minded hatred for DLC then further spread their misconceptions about it. “I want the full game, I don’t want to have to pay more money to buy the full game.” This stupidity is something I read often regarding DLC, people think they decide what is the full game… I’m not sure how they fail to see such blatantly flawed logic.


Like the “funny” tag which was added for the “Eaten by a plant, 10/10” type reviews.

Instead it’s used to discredit reviews you disagree with as in “HA, HE SAID HE LIKED IT, MUST BE A JOKE REVIEW!”.

I think the whole Steam review system is poorly implemented and it’s given too much importance in the Store Page. Games like DayZ get huge positive ratings even though it’s stuck in development hell while a finished, complete game gets “Mixed” because some people think everything in life should be free.

It’s not even about the game itself. This is also why Metacritic user ratings are useless. “Game doesn’t run on my 8 year old computer 0/10”. People can say critics are paid for their reviews but honestly, if you read through them, a lot of them are very fair. I think the Gamespot review is right on and completely fair for Evolve. Yet, there is no mention of critic reviews on Steam. Critics at least aren’t as polar as users. Random people are too infatuated with either end of a review score, it’s either 0 or 10. Course that’s the other problem with Steam. Yes or no. That is just not a good review system imo.

EDIT: I would like to add that I felt awful reading some of the reviews and the comments on my own little quick review about the game itself. But reading this thread has made me feel a bit better, lol. Good to see some logic again!


You’re delusional.

How do you know if or how long anyone has played any game? You don’t.

You’re just a fanboy that’s upset this game had received some bad reviews.

Anyone is alluwed to give their opinion on a game.

If you depend on reviews to make a purchase, then that’s your issue. You shouldn’t.

Its ludicrous that you even suggested this. Its laughable.


Ah yes, “fanboy” argument.

Could the same be said of you (opposite spectrum of course)? That you’re just a hater?

Why is it so unreasonable that people should actually own the game before writing a review? Should I be able to go to CoD AW or DayZ’s pages and write a negative review despite not owning or playing either game? Good way to spread misinformation and lies perhaps, but I don’t see how it could be considered a legitimate system.


I’m sorry I’m not usually like this but I have to.



Steam says how many hours they have played the game for… And a lot of these people have admitted to being only in the alpha/beta. Your ignorance is the only thing laughable in this thread.


LOL PC gamers.


What’s so funny?