Steam Review Anti-Evolve raid happening, We better anti-raid it


Vote up them positives, down the troll negatives. Simple.


Lol. Even with the game in your hands, you don’t rest, do you? I commend your loyalty.


What can I say? I love the game.


I just saw them and wanted to tear out my hear and scream. LITERALLy every negative review either says pricing, DLC, milking, day one DLC, disc locked content, etc etc. It’s all crap.


Maybe I should’ve torn out my hair… and used it to garrote the idiots who wrote those “reviews”…



@macman @slabomeat Can we get these troll reviews deleted?


Doubtfull. They have no power on Steam, and even the Steam mods couldn’t just delete annoying reviews.

The garrote offer still stands. :wink:


Not much we can do.

They won’t stop until the industry is constant rehashes.


True they do not have the power to just delete things on steam, but I was quite sure you needed to own the game in order to actually write a review.


I don’t think so. I may be wrong however. Still… There’s always the garrote. Just lemme at em!


A majority of those troll reviews have less than ten hours of gametime, and most of those have less then three. There’s got to be some sort of policy for having a certain amount of actual gameplay before reviewing something.


A lot of them do not have the game. I checked their libraries. Unless you can hide games, a bunch don’t have it.

That’s it, I’m going to hairrote them.


Yes, please. Give the game even more negative publicity (“Evolve fanbois purposely inflating reviews of game”), make the review section even more unusable, and act like a small kid would if their toy gets taken away.

That’s certainly going to promote the game really well. Not going to make people like it even less, at all. Just the kind of behavior people evaluating the game want to see on a public forum, too. Reflects really well on ingame sportsmanship.

Yes, you can easily hide stuff. Also, AFAIK you need to own the game to review it, though with TRS not having flagged their beta test as that or early access, reviews aren’t marked if they were possible due to beta access only. If you mark your game as early access, reviews will later be clearly flagged “This is an early access review”.


Probably that then. Still… They need to be hairroted. Who’s with me? Nobody? Fine, I’ll do it myself.


And ofcourse the shitstorm speweth.

They lost the pre-release battle, we’ll make damn sure they lose the war.


We don’t need to have them lose anything. The best thing to do is just say one thing. You have to be neutral to the point where they won’t solly their diapers, and make sure you get the point across. They’re not going to stop, all we have to do, is speak with our wallets.

Endless flagging and fighting wont help anything. If they decide to stop hiding behind steam, where we can’t properly rip them apart, to come here. Heh. Well then ladies and gents.

They aint winning shit here.


Especially because “bias” is not a reportable offence. So worst case, you’re just going to get banned for abusing the report system.




its probably allowing them to review it because they had the beta


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So much this. Don’t know why some Evolve forum members are so conscious of all the reviews out there, especially negative ones. If the game is good and has widespread appeal it will become popular on its own merit - that I believe is a sign of a good game.