Steam release + monster expansion pack


Anyone know when the game can be purchased on steam? Also, the pre order bonus includes “a free download of the new monster as sson as it becomes available”. Does this mean other people will be able to get it but will have to pay, or what?


Pre-order will be available on Steam, but not until closer to launch. An exact date hasn’t been given.

One of the pre-order bonuses is that you get the first DLC monster for free. If you don’t pre-order, then yes you would have to purchase the monster DLC. However, it’s not required to purchase DLC. You can play against DLC monsters without having bought it yourself; you just can’t play as the DLC monster if you haven’t bought it or received it as a pre-order bonus.


Well said! This is exactly the case:

Pre-order and you get the first downloadable monster free.
Don’t pre-order and you have to purchase it. If you don’t want to buy any DLC, you can still play with people who have it. This will apply to maps, Hunters and Monsters.