Steam question - Can I delete Beta from Steam library?


Is there any reason why I should not delete local content from the Evolve Closed Beta from my Steam library? I know progress isn’t supposed to carry over, but I’m afraid of doing something regrettable.

I have two Evolves in my library, both are shaded blue; one says ‘Evolve - Pre-load complete; unreleased’ and the other says ‘Evolve [Closed Beta] - Update queued’.

Thanks in advance!\


Just delete it. Keeping it in your library won’t benefit you.


The Beta that is.

You should also be able to Pre-load Evolve now. So there’s always that.


Yes. Chloe from TRS officially confirmed that it should be deleted. Refusing to do so gives only wasted space.


Every copy of Beta deleted is one less person able to give you the old Elite skins…


Well then everybody, do as he says, get rid of it !