Steam Purchase-Help plz!


For reasons beyond even my own comprehension, I always like buying things in person. Straight up exchange of cash and goods. However, I’d like a digital copy of Evolve, so:

If I buy the game in store, personally, physically, can I ask for a Steam activation code? I was thinking of buying from eitger JB or EB. Please help. Thank you in advance.

52 weeks gone. 1 week left.


Uh, I’m pretty sure that like every single major video game released these days, they all have digital activation codes in the physical box. At least I’m pretty sure that’s the case, I know that’s it how it is for PC games, but I’m admittedly not sure about the consoles.


I don’t think that’s possible - the ones I’ve seen have been disk-only. Though, y’know… if you’re buying on PC, it all works out the same way, and you wind up with a Steam copy. You just don’t have to download any stuff. Well. Not as much stuff, anyhow.


Er you can try… But I have a feeling it wont work out. I decided to buy Evolve on Steam because it’s easier for me :confused: you can try asking at our local EB store and see if they can help out, but yeah… Not to sure if it can work out


But if I get a disc- and I know, I’m terrible at this stuff :cry: - how do I… Do the stuff? Does it show up in Steam when I put it in?


I’m asking about PC, but that typically isn’t the case here in Aus. Cause you know. Australia.


The game requires Steam on the PC, and will install through Steam, but you’ll be able to install it from the disk if you have one. It’s handy, 'cos it means it installs faster and eats less of your download limit for the month, if that’s a concern.


Okay. Thank you. I have to go arrange things.

S3VeN dAYz.


Late to the party, summing stuff up into a more technical manner.

You get a disc. You get Steam account on your PC. You insert the disc, game will ask for Steam Activation Code that’ll be included with the disc. You enter that in, you get the game in your library, and then it will install from the disc. Also it will probably download a patch straight away after you install it. Done.


Thank you. Good to know.


Why would you want to buy from steam if you can get a physical copy of the game ???

  • Points of Physical Copy.

No need to download.
No need to wait.
Incase of HDD failure, you dont have to download the game again.
If you some how managed to bugout the game, you can reinstall it.
Comes with all necessary stuff which is needed for the game.

Just incase somebody from korea decided to hack your PC and delete EVOLVE, you can simply install it from the DVD !


Well, it does avoid having to go outside.

And in addition to all the usual things about the outside with all it’s… wind and… light… in Australia we also have to contend with killer bugs, deadly sunlight, and drop bears.


Buy from online stores ?

I get a physical copy on the day on release by 12 noon from amazon (1 day delivery and most the time they deliver before noon) and i get it right at my door step :stuck_out_tongue:


Once you install it, can you play without the disc?


Yup! Works like any other Steam game. Really, all you’re doing is getting a quick-install method.


Yes i think so, since you activate it on steam with the ACTIVATION CODE. And steam will authorize your copy every time you launch it…


Yes. I will do this. Good night, thank you all, you’re amazing peeps.

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