Steam pre-purchase doesn't have Monster Pack?


“As soon as the clock strikes midnight on 2/10/15, the FREE Monster Expansion Pack bonus goes away and it will run you over $14.99 to buy Behemoth, the fourth Monster, and the Savage Goliath skin after the fact. Think of it as us buying the first round for you. As a thank you.”

The steam pre-purchase, the $60 one, says you just get Evolve and Left 4 Dead. Doesn’t say the Monster Expansion Pack. Should I pre-purchase somewhere else?


Yeah, I thought that was weird too. I’m pretty sure it’s just an oversight in the description. Everything else says any pre-order gets you the monster expansion pack. If you scroll down further on Steam you’ll find:

Pre-Purchase Offer:

Pre-purchase Evolve for PC on Steam and receive the Monster Expansion Pack, which includes Behemoth, a giant, destructive tank of a monster, and the “Savage Goliath” skin * for free. Steam customers will also receive a free copy of Left 4 Dead as an exclusive bonus.

*Receive a free download ($14.99 value) of the first new DLC monster character, Behemoth, as soon as it’s available.


As far as I’ve heard, the monster pack should go through on steam. That is odd that it says otherwise though!


If I have read it right I looked up pre ordering which I will this week it states that preorder will give u the skin and 4th monster on every platform but if u preorder a boxed version of the game u unlock 4 characters which is the character unlock pack aswell which isn’t available through the downloadable versions of the game


Steam has now been updated so all the packs are on there now: