Steam pre-order? :)


Hello guys and girls!

Since the date has been moved to feb 10 ( = better game, awesome! :smiley: ) , has the date of
pre-ordering on steam also been moved closer to the release date?

I’ve been waiting for a long time to buy it on steam ( my laptop has no dvd/cd reader so it’s the only way :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading, have a nice day.

– Yves


Even when the game wasn’t delayed, the Pre-Order still wasn’t available. Should be available soon, though.

Maybe by October / November?


If you’re in the US it’s available now for preorder with the dlc etc stuff digital download on amazon.

It might even just end up being a steam key anyway but just FYI.


Thank you for the info, lets hope its october! :smiley:


I’m from Europe, had found that few weeks ago. Atleast thanks for helping :stuck_out_tongue:


On the Amazon page, it shows “Requires Steam Client to activate. Steam key only valid in North America.”

I’d bet $10 that this is pointing to that there will indeed be a full Steam pre-order, and it popping up in October/November (with bundled TF2 items maybe?)


And since I’m now thinking about it, think about the TF2 tie-in possibilities!

Scout : Jetpack (double jump buff?)
Heavy : Hyde’s mini gun
Sniper : Val’s anti-material rifle
Engineer : Lazarus device (turret heals?)
Spy : Hank’s cloak
Soldier : Bucket’s Laser guided missles
Medic : Val’s tranq gun?
Pyro : Markov’s lightening gun

And who knows what more with the final hunters yet to be revealed!