Steam Pre-Order is Live


Apparently you can now pre-order…but I don’t see any perks? I can add it to cart but…no savage goliath skin or instant access to tier 2? Will this change?

Edit: You get the Savage Goliath skin and the free DLC monster to come later.


Yea thats what i am worried about, its just mentioned really quick beneath it by TRS/2K but steam itself does not mention it :slight_smile:


Woa there is instant access to tier2 if we preorder?


Yes, there is. :smile:


Only amazon has that. and gamestop has skins or w/e or some other store.


We really need something for steam aswell.That’s where the biggest playerbase will be anyway


Even if it is a cupcake skin for goliath, or something with cake :cake:


Savage skin is coming as well for Steam, no worries!


Or kraken throwing rainbows instead of lightings.


I agree…I am going to wait and see if there is more info before I pre-order but I’ve been dying to snatch the buy from Steam.


We need TF2 hats though!


Nyan cat kraken skin?..modding would be so much fun for evolve haha


I prefer that access to t2 tho.I like Hyde.


And goliath riding a unicorn.The possibilities are endless


Flame thrower barrels or whatever you call them would be so cool for Heavy in TF2… Think of it! :smile:


You know what would be creepy? the teletubbies as the hunters, goodbye childhood


Having this face -> :smiley: pasted into their face while killing you.Damn.



I finnaly pre-orderd it, had the money on my paypal and could not wait ( also gabe would take evrything with his sales ) :slight_smile: