Steam PCMR not available


So yesterday I could finally enjoy playing the game and I really like it (hadn’t played beta), I preordered the PC Monster Race via the steam app (android) and when I started the game, nothing was unlocked. I read somewhere in the forum (I just did a quick research since I had to play the game, huh) that on day 1 only the T1 Hunters will be available, but after playing some sessions I unlocked my first T2 Hunter, so I was confused.

Questions: Do I have to activate my PCMR manually (where?) or did the m2k account creation messed some things up?

Edit: Randomly found this thread (here, but PCMR includes more then just the behemoth…


Not sure what are you talking about. Game itself (ANY edition of it, including basic) is including 12 hunters (3 tiers for each class) and 3 monsters. All 3 tiers of hunters and monsters are available at day 1, it’s basic content of the game. At first only tier 1 of hunters and monsters are unlocked. You can unlock tier 2 and 3 simply by playing lower tier of the same class and earning 1 star on each weapon/ability.

As for Behemoth plus 5th unannounced monster and extra unannounced hunters - they’re not out yet. TRS is still developing those and that’s what you’ll get for free (if you bought PCMR edition) once they’re out.

So right now the only difference between regular edition and PCMR are free skins, and not all of them, just some.
Once new content is out, you’ll get it for free (since you bought PCMR) as opposed to having to buy it separately (if you only paid for regular edition).