Steam PC Monster Race bull


So I just downloaded the Patch and was thinking “Wohoo gonna play me soem Big B now!” but no no behemeth sire.
so i went huh? I got the PC Monster Race Edition and all over the net it says Behemoth is in it so why do i still need to buy him. Even got the Skin pack so what’s the big deal? So I do a lil diggin and as it turns out Steam sells the Evolve Digital Deluxe version und the name of the PC Monster Race Editon. I mean i even checked the frorum and saw the graph in the “If I buy the Monster Race Edition now do I get Behemoth?” Thread. And it even says it has big B. I’d like to know what others think about this becasue in all honesty i feels like i was scammed a bit by valve here.


What platform?
Do you have the Savage Goliath skin?
Have you installed the DLC you need to install?


We both got scammed. It said Behemoth on it when I pre-purchased. I literally read the sentence out loud before clicking the button to make sure I was buying the right version for the content.


Did you install the right DLC?
Do you have Savage Goliath?


Behemoth isn’t out yet.
Wait for tomorrow good sir. :wink:


Duuude … it says steam in the post and Monster Race edition is only on PC …


It is :wink: the patch is online just download it and you can play Tier 4


Just played as him on ps4
he was released early
though his skins aren’t out yet


I cancel all my plans for tonight this instant!
Tonight is T4 night.

YOUHOU! :smiley:

PS: to answer the OP, the Monster race contains the T4, so you should have them.
You still need to have the first mastery of all skills on your T3 Monster / Hunters to unlock them.


Behemoth was part of the pre-purchase offer. As the game has been released already the offer has ended.

If you have purchased the game before it got released, go to your Steam account, right click on Evolve from library and you’ll be seeing something similar as this.