Steam Patch News


Hello TRS community,mainly for Evolve players. First of all ,thank you for creating an epic game. I wanna this become big and comunity grow and be competetive world widely .
But you don’t share and post news on Steam,like patches you made. On steam latest news was Kala patch. I think who foloowing the game throw steam would come over again and play. Is it hard for you to cooperate to do this ? Only die hard fans know the lates upcoming and recent news throw twitter or this forum.
P.S. : I really wanna help playerbase to grow . Peace !


I posted the latest patch update information as soon as I got it direct from the devs. However, I don’t think I pinned it…sorry about that.


Yes,it has been posted in steam forum,but not on the main Steam Store Evolve paige,where you scroll down and only see Kala update
Same goes for tournament information. I posted in steam forum,but dunno how many people noticed that