Steam Overview fix/add?


On the PC version of evolve I like to add players who I enjoy playing with (new or experienced). However, when using the stream overview and I click on “View Players” it doesn’t work and rather have to add them manually. Is this a bug or issue? or could they not be using steam somehow since I thought it was needed for online play.


Not sure if bug or intended but it’s always been this way since Alpha.


Yea, I noticed, but I don’t think any one has ever brought it up. Being able to simply click and add someone is much better than having to hurry and type their name and search through 20+ similar named while trying to pick a character before the timer goes off


It’s been brought up quite a few times :stuck_out_tongue:


Well good then. I’m not the only one asking about it xD


You can get to players in your game but you have to do a long round about way.

shift+tab to open the overlay
then you need to go to your profile by clicking on your profile picture
then scroll down to the friends section on the bottom right
click ‘friends’ (the header not ‘view friends’)
then click on the players tab.
this is how i add people who aren’t terrible.


That’s how I do it currently, but it would be easier if they fixed the “bug”. Thanks though!