Steam Overlay: Recent Players list not going to be incorporated?


I just don’t understand why this feature has never worked. And now that the game is F2P on pc and having 20,000+ active users in the game, I just don’t see how it is still swept under the rug.

This is a problem Evolve has always had. I can’t see the recent players in my steam overlay.

I just DON’T get it! It sucks to play with good people and then not
able to send them a friend request because the feature isn’t in it.

Please TRS, can you fix this or give a reason as to why it hasn’t been put in?


I believe the reasoning was something like “the game doesn’t use Steam server’s for lobbies, so it can’t save your recent players.”

The best you can do is open the in-game menu during a match with people you want to add and click “Player Options.” From there you can click on their Steam profile. It’ll only take a few seconds, so you just have to find a little downtime between engagements.


TRS could create a custom recent players list that’s scraped from the last 10 matches or something to that effect. So not using Steam servers is a poor excuse.