Steam Overlay Getting In The Way


No idea if this is classed as a bug but I can’t make heads or tails of why it happens. To bring up the steam overlay in game is Shift+Tab so why when I play monster the first time I go to climb a wall which is a combination of Shift and W does the steam overlay come up?

This wouldn’t be a problem but after it comes up and I close it I lose control of the monster for about 3 long seconds and it sometimes happens mid fight which can lead to some big problems. Curious to know if there is a fix?

Some Feedbacks (Monsters, Badges, Gamplay...)

Does it happen if you Shift + Tab then click out of the game i.e. second monitor or ALT + Tab to cycle to desktop/browser?

I get this problem if in-between games I go browse the forums then come back. If I press shift after closing steam overlay then the overlay pops up. If that happens, just shift+tab in game 1 time and it shouldn’t happen again until you click out of game again, i.e. the game if over and you want to browse the forums again.


I have had this issue forever also. Best work around I found was to shift + tab a few times after I bring the game back up.


I actually just ended up disabling steam overlay just because of Evolve. This was when I was running more in tournies and a single mid stop climb can make a big difference.


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This bug happens all the time.

Best way to get around it (or so I’ve learned to deal with it at least) is to press SHIFT and AFTER that press TAB, every single time after you used the Steam Overlay. That way it won’t suddenly appear in the worst fucking moment.


Change the combination. I have it triggerd with ctrl+p and never had issues


This. I changed my overlay hot keys ages ago 100% because of this.


Yup, worked for me, too. Changed mine to Shift+`