Steam needs a fix for the lost progression


i am scared of playing online because of this issue. I am not going to be happy if I lose all my progression. Please get Steam players a patch when you can. @MacMan Thanks for a great game and hope this gets fixed soon


Its not just steam players that are going through this. Its affecting all platforms since its more of a 2k server issue. They are working on a fix. Even @MacMan has said they found a way to get people their levels and progress back once they get that system implemented


@MacMan I heard that the progression lost progress fix is coming in an update separate from the balance patch. All platforms are getting the separate patch at the same time right?


I thought this is a XB1 problem only. Never hear of anyone losing progress on PC


I lost all my progress. Level 30 with at least 40+ hours. I signed of, then when I got on a couple hours later I had to go through the tutorial as if I had never played… I hope you can restore my progress, because I really enjoy the game. My gamer tag is FreedEmperor917