Steam is down thread


Here is a thread one can update and check everytime Steam servers will be down.


And right now it is…


Q_Q Q_Q Q_Q Q_Q damnit gaben! we were winning vs wraith!



Me and my friends were just about to have fried Goliath for dinner, too! GAAAAAh

Who wants to form a conspiracy theory blaming this on the people trashing the game in Steam reviews?


I stopped playing about 10 minutes ago.
Got lucky their.


Thank you Gaben, my lord.

Almost lost to Kraken.


Oof, that is the worst for Defend mode…getting thrown from those matches and losing all that nice exp.!


Lets sue STEAM!


Was back soon enough… I was editing my badge ffs!!! And then server kicked…



You might want this link


Yes but once U got stopped in the middle of a game cos Steam got down U feel more warm here with other dumb fucks than alone on a grey steam page ^^


More so thought it could be used in conjunction with this page