Steam has (finally) changed the Customer Review System


You can read all about it in this article here:

Personally, I find this great and about time. This way, Evolve will not be overshadowed with old negative reviews that were too popular (for no reason) and always stayed on top. Hopefully this will convince more new players to give the game a try.

If you have any thoughts about this, feel free to post it here.

Would this be a good idea? Time to revive Evolve! Let's do this!

sound interesting but looks like Evolve is doing even worse in those 30 day reviews so dunno if it will help anyhow.

maybe after TU9.0 something will change who knows


Most negative review is either because of the pricing model that Evolve “used” to have or because the playerbase is so low. Despite that, the fact that it still keeps 50% of the reviews positive, I see that in a positive daylight.


Over half the reviews are positive. That gives me hope. Hope the PC player base increases!


I hope the PS4 increases as well. I’m starting to see fewer original names pop up when I play. Sad really.

Same goes to the Xbox. I want us all to thrive.


Just gave it a look. The negative reviews in the last 30 days are:

  • people who can’t find people to play online which is a valid complaint but to me it doesn’t speak of the quality of the game, as you can play it solo and have a blast, or play it with friends.
  • people who played it but don’t like its current state because of patches, which is unfair because they did play it for hours and hours when they supposedly LIKED and ENJOYED it. So these are the worse.
  • old timers still complaining about DLC. It’s not 2012 anymore. You want it, you pay for it. You don’t wanna pay for it, you don’t have it. Wake up to the present day.
  • people complaining about the download size (kid you not). Which again, might be a valid complaint but doesn’t tell you whether it’s a good game or not.
    -there’s even bad reviews which say it’s a great game (?) “but”. Come on. You could say the same by giving it a good review, who are you punishing?

My problem with anyone being able to review a game is that a lot of things get mixed up, and many of them are not valid complaints that speak of whether the game is fun to play or not.


Yep, it just makes my jaw drop. It’s because the general review of everyone (internet, friends, Youtubers) was that the game is bad and people just like to repeat it (ignoring whatever happened since then).


It’s full of comments like these, funny enough, after my comment people started to switch sides I believe and instead of 6 people liking the comment it went down to three out of 8.

I read some Evolve Reviews on Steam - It broke my heart!

It’s a good change that will help games that turn around their perception with players to capitalise on that rather than be bogged down by old reviews for outdated builds of the game. Necessary considering how many supported multiplayer games there are now.


I do find that Steam should set a requirement before allowing people to post a review. Something like having played the game at least 6 hours or perhaps even two hours since if you didn’t like it then you can still ask a refund within that time and it wont be smothered with unnecessary reviews


With the new review system, we can more easily effect things with our votes. In this thread alone, there’s enough people to dethrone the negative recommended reviews on account of each of them being rated by about ten people.


Cant believe this guy had the nerve with Less than a hour of play.


Indeed. Its as if he baught it just to post the review.


Anyone seen how low the player count has been on steam last two days? Barely 60 people last time I played. :laughing: so sad.

There are a lot of bad and none constructive reviews, if only there was a way to better rate them as something helpful.


That is sad and part of the problem.

The other part is that some do play 50h, some 200h, some 500h, but still vast majority of them quit. Why?

Probably a lot of reasons. One thing is sure: bugs, crashes, no proper rank system, repetitive character selection play big part of that.

No amount of advertisement, good reviews, or money splashed in any direction will change the fact that game-play needs to be top notch in the 2016 gaming market, no bugs, only occasional crashes, working ranking systems, skins/hats whatever colored pixels people need now days.

and I so hope for that

PS. not comparing or anything, but Overwatch showed how its done. I got no issues, annoying things, crasches, bugs, unfair characters. I do have superb performance, variety of free characters, intuitive mechanics… well, no really ranking system. Leveling up by time played is useless after 200h - 300h, some ppl reach high level, some will never reach it.


I disagree with most of what you have said. Rank system would have been great if it wasn’t for the low player base and the variety of characters that are out doesn’t in the least make it feel (to me) repetitive at all.

As for the bugs and crashes you claim, most of the bugs have been fixed but as with any patch/update, new ones do tend to appear. Crashes can be related to a variety of causes (mostly not game related but rather system related)


Well,to me crashes still like 3-10 times a week, and to so many of my friends. Look the bugs with monsters freezing, still happens, or character flying, lobby is broken everyday, bodies disappearing, terrain is annoyance, jetpack weirdy and randomly stop middle of climb, etc etc I dont even bother

That ranking system wont ever work. Look at games like Dota, LoL, CS:GO. They firstly cap the rank player can reach after placement matches, secondly the rank decays over time… Evolve doesnt, that alone will brake any mathematical ranking system: “player reaching Gold Destroyer after 11 matches with 7-4 stats, and stays there forever”.

Supports that have been used for most of the game is Sunny/Hank
Medic Slim, Val, R.V
Monsters, its been pretty much Kraken all pro scene

This game was released way way too early as unfinished product (and asked the price of premium product which was huge blowback), and they paid the price for it. Thanks the community, they might actually have one more shot at this. I hope its a good one and I keep playing as much as I can. Today low peak was 22 users, past week it has been 30-40, week before that 40-50. You get the point


Everything you just said is being worked on. The new title update will allow for dump records so the devs could see what exactly still allows for crashes (and whether it is something they can fix or needs to be reported, for example a crash due to a specific Nvidia driver).

As for monsters freezing, I don’t really have this issue so I’m not sure what you are talking about. Unless you are reffering to the Gorgon Mimic bug (which will be fixed). Same with bodies disappearing, making the terrain less annoying (have you seen how the new maps look like?), Jetpack is being reworked as well.

As for your complaint regarding price, may I remind you that the developers had no say whatsoever in what the eventual price point for the game was going to be, or how it was going to be advertised. That was entirely 2K’s decision. So calling them out on that front is a bit unjustified and wrong.


Im 100% waiting for all that. But we are not discussing about same point. I wanted to capitalize what made this game fail for first try, and the only anecdote is to address those issues.

If the update turns out great, word will spread. Then and only then will ads and review matters, as a catalyst. So we basically agree upon this, just looking the same house from different sides

Im bit afraid if there is too much hype at the launch and there is one or two minor issue, people will jump the gun immediately. Not advising anyone, but personally I would see the patch out with less fireworks. Fix/adjust/address minor issues, feel out the game. If we create much hype, and it doesnt fully deliver there is huge possibility it will be shot down unfairly due historical reasons

PS. I dont blame anyone on the price issue, but in hindsigth it only made things worse (someone buys brand new luxury car and it brakes down first day, Im letting that company/employer hear about it a lot more than after buying Toyota, premium price demands premium product. I wouldnt like to hear it was this and this malfunction, I paid three times normal car price. How are you making this up for me? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ). Fair or not, someone just handed bullets to the hateful-looking guy holding a gun. Im just blunt, not trying to offend anyone.