Steam group!


Hello guys,
First: i spend much time here lurking your discussions, and i have to say that this is the best/polite/friendly server ever! So keep it up and cheers at you Sirs!
Now, yesterday i’ve posted about to find some friends here to play with (i’m a lonely hunter :frowning: ).
This morning i was thinking about the game (like every morning from 2 months), and i thought how cool it will be if we create a Steam group! I just can’t immagine how awesome it would be playing with you guys!
Let me know! My steam ID is felle
I really want to know your thoughts about this!

Ps: please forgive me, English is not my native language. Feel free to blame me :frowning:


There already is a Steam group for this forum :wink:

Invites are given if you request them in the official thread for the group on these forums (search should be able to help you)


There is at least one major group:

Then there’s a group I’ve created with some other folks who like to play with decent people and are invested in the community being a better place:

There are others out there as well with a variety of goals and purposes.


wow thank you mates!


Oh, if you’re interested in CBF by any chance here’s the board thread to get you started on that. I think we’re at 10 members now, have played with most of them and all have been pretty cool.