Steam group for aussies and current players! join :)

Hello everyone!

We’ve put together a steam group for anyone who plays evolve and is sick of waiting times or playing alone! Come round and make a few friends!

@MidnightRoses and @M_A_D are two pc aussies (i think)

Nice man! I will be sure to add them now :slight_smile:

There is actually three or four evolve groups on steam. Its far better to just add people though.

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You’re all welcome to add me to your lists as I am relocating back to Aussie in a few weeks. Having said that, the downside right now is that it turns out my motherboard has just died on me so I’m going to be out of action for a little while. When I get my PC back up and running I’ll see you all online for sure. Steam ID is same as name here - Karcharock

This is only for Aussies? I got an invitation to the group, but I’m EU, so I’m not sure if I should join.

I think the group has non aus players, I imagine it’s just the aus player base is low, so finding people is a bit harder

The group is primarily for aussies but I’ve found that playing with US based players doesn’t really affect your ping or lag or anything like that. The group isn’t meant to be separated from other groups, I believe people should add multiple groups and pretty much anyone you see in the game (because of the extremely small player base) so you can be sure you know someone that’s online when others may not be.

On other news, we’ve nearly reached our 100th member! :slight_smile: