Steam downloads issue


Just going to start off by saying that I know very little about computers.

Recently, Steam has been doing this thing where downloads only progress for maybe a second or 2 at a time, and then there will be upwards of 10 seconds of 0 bytes/s. I have absolutely no idea what the issue could be. I looked online for a few solutions and I tried what they suggested to no result. They suggested clearing Steam’s cash and changing my server. Nothing worked.

It seems to be inconsistent. Last night it took me 45 minutes to do a 1.1GB update, but then it took me about 3 minutes to do an 800mb update for the same game literally seconds later (don’t know why they were separate). 8 minutes ago, I started a 1.9GB Siege update which progressed about 150mb in 5 minutes. And the update has finished in the time it’s taken me to write this post. So, clearly, it doesn’t affect me all the time, but I’ve got quite a backlog of Steam updates to do and I don’t want to maybe waste hours doing 5 min updates if there’s a way to fix it.

Any suggestions? Or is this just the finicky workings of internet stuffs?


Feels/sounds more like throttling of your ISP than anything else. That being said, are you wired or wi-fi/bluetooth for your internet?


Maybe. ISPs are tyically unreliable as a whole in my experience, but the current one we use hasn’t kicked up any major issues so far.

I use a powerline adapter.


So how is your network topography? Does it go ISP modem/router then your adapter then to your computer? All hard lined?


Yes, I believe this is how it is set up.


Have you tried connecting straight from the ISP Router/Modem to your computer? Normally it goes ISP Modem to Router to a computer. I don’t have much experience with that kind of adapter, but usually the less pieces involved the less that ‘could’ go wrong. I would try using as short/simple a connection and bypass the adapter and see if that helps anything.


I haven’t. My computer is pretty far from my router and I’ve got dogs that like to chew exposed cables sometimes. So getting a powerline adapter like this seemed like the most convenient way to go about it.


Gotcha. Some other things to try:

  • Reset your router. Occasionally, the equipment just needs a reboot to get your connection back up to speed.
  • Connect via another device to see if the problem is isolated to one computer.
  • Check for viruses with a reputable antivirus and malware scanner

My first thing that I would like to try is bypass the adapter in general as it seems like the most ‘likely’ culprit, but we can try a few other things just in case.


Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll see if any of them work/give more info on the issue.


Keep me posted :wink: Good luck!


Also when the speed drops, does the Disk usage goes up?its below the download speed

If you have an old HDD it could be that it takes ages to write on him before continuing the download.

If both are not being used, changing server, clearing download cache didn’t help then yeah its probably something on your end.


Disk usage remains constant throughout. Occasioanally it’ll drastically peak or dip but only for a second, then it’ll go back to normal (usually around 30MB/s).


So, I reset my router and tried a 2GB update last night and there didn’t seem to be an issue. I’ll try another one when I get home to confirm that it’s really been resolved and that this wasn’t just a lucky patch.


Nice. Maybe it just needed someone to blow it’s nose :smiley: