Steam does not show how long i played during big alpha


Correct. I’m 95% sure nothing special is coming out. It wouldn’t make sense NOT to reveal that before the Holidays for a Feb. release. However, my inner turmoil is whether I want those exterminator skins and support GS, or buy it through steam and eventually pay for the skins. (Although, weapon skins don’t excite me, it’s really just Daisy)


I feel like Evolve is going to be a game that I’ll have no problem throwing money at.

Let’s face it, when you calculate the money/time ratio for a game like this, you’d disown yourself for paying for a 2h movie in theatres.


I intend to purchase all Monster/Hunter DLCs, but I am just not a big skin person. I could care less if my guy looked like skittle the rainbow dragon if it gave me better stats in the end. (Not talking about Evolve there) However, cosmetic purchases are almost entirely not worth it for me as a player because it doesn’t help my game play any.


Generally I’ll do the opposite; I’ll take the one that gives me the biggest disadvantage, just to make it more insulting when I win ;]

Of course, if I lose, there will be a rematch, and then it’s rainbow skittle dragon all the way. XD

But personally I’d be more likely to pay for cosmetic add ons than advantage add ons, I guess it’s like I said, I would be LESS likely to buy an advantage out of pride… and disdain for the game which allows for it. I was one of the main advocates for a flashy, bright, ‘I’m not even taking you hunters seriously; Follow me if you dare’ skin for the goliath instead of a camouflaged one ;]


I played 11 hours on my friends Xbox before it released on PC.

43 + 11 = 54

Get on my level.


pics or it didint happen.


I don’t know how many hours I spent on the XB1 Alpha but I did watch almost all of your YouTube videos. Got just a few more to view :yum:


THanks. Hope you are enjoying them. THe nice thing about the Beta is I won’t have as many videos where I wasn’t great. Cough Laz first few games cough


Man I thought I played alot at 30 hours… I took time off and everything!

It’s not a problem! You can stop at any time, right? O.o


Xbox doesn’t show hours :stuck_out_tongue:


Perhaps… I don’t mind. Better this than cigarettes. :wink:


That’s true…


This thread is starting to look like an e-peen contest.



did someone say e-peen contest?!?