Steam does not show how long i played during big alpha


How the heck can you check how long you played in big alpha after it ended, because the number is no where to be seen?


I think you need to pre-order Evolve to see how long did you play.

“Btw it’s czech language so it shows that I played 32 hours”


are you kidding me xD pre-order just to see how long you played… xD


I’m just saying that I noticed how long I played after I bought the game… maybe it’s not like I said. I’m not 100% sure…



Are you offline on steam? It won’t show how long you spent ingame if you are indeed offline.

I could see how much time I had spent in the Alpha before I had it pre-ordered.

Haha! I have 40 hours in the Alpha. :wink:

Love this game <3


Yup, give them all your money! (evil laugh)


Ok, sorry for misleading information… did you find how long you did played it then?


no idea because i cant see the hours played like you guys do, i dont have any idea how to see it.
And no im not offline or anything like that it says evolve is in your library i havent pre ordered or anything it just doesent show how long i played.


The reason I’ve played only 32 hours is that I miss the first day… and the reason I missed that day is… ehm… that I connected the cable from the monitor into the wrong port… so I couldn’t used the power of my graffics card… I solved this problem after 1 day. :joy:

-Totally not IT guy

This is what I wanted to do with that cable!


For the record, I was working on an Animation for an important school project.

And still got to like, level 18.


Don’t need to feel bad that you didn’t spend a full day’s worth of time (or more) playing the alpha, I would be embarrassed by how much I played if I tried to check it (If you even can on xbox)


Get on my level.


tell me how to see that and i will get on your level xD


Let @MaddCow show his hours in Evolve! :smiley: is he more than 45?


Had to pre-order xD


so get on my level.


I have 46 hours of raw footage recorded, so it’s about that much. I haven’t checked as I don’t have it pre-ordered just yet.


Guys… Eh… We are a little bit addicted, don’t we? :slight_smile:


Addicts don’t know they have a problem, therefore I am not an addict :smiley:


I have to assume you’re waiting to see explicit preorder bonuses or something, cause no one around here is crazy enough to believe you aren’t getting the game =P