Steam Community Hub Data (Reviews, Hours Played etc)


Not really sure where to put this but…

Seems you guys used the same App ID for the launch game on Steam as you did for the Big Alpha, or someone forgot to reset the data on steam from the Big Alpha…

You did the right thing with the Closed Beta in using a separate ID

Seems there is some very screwed up data here, and as such it is really impacting on the Reviews System for Evolve on Steam, which is currently sitting at ‘Mixed’ due to redundant data and reviews being posted by people who should not be able to post reviews.

An example:
This Steam User: does not even own Evolve(use search on page) yet they were able to make this review:

To compare, going to my profile: you can see I have purchased Evolve by searching.

My suggestion is,
You need to have Valve sort this out and cull all the crap from people who have not purchased and do not ‘now’ own the game.
Reviews published prior to the games release should be removed.
All these reviews being posted now are people bitching about the price and or experiences during the Big Alpha, thus are not relevant in the current build of the game thus should be removed.

There is another post on this here: Steam reviews so messed up


Agreed, I already have a topic on it in fact: /t/steam-reviews-so-messed-up/32621/101