Steam cloud support problem


I don’t know where to put this, but
Yesterday, when I played evolve, I wanted to add my teammates to steam friends. Usually you have list of players which you are playing with (shift+tab -> “list of players on the server” if i remember correct) but there is no such list for evolve. I mean you have this option but list is empty. And if you check “previous games” there are no Evolve in list at all. Will it be fixed?


Hmmm i know what you mean.I use that in Dota all the time.But i don’t think so this will go for all games.
If i am correct that list appears only when you are playing in steam-valve-servers.I could be wrong tho.


Hmm, It works in Nosgoth, but I am not sure if they use steam servers or not


Also Steam cloud has nothing to do with it.Steam cloud is a place where our saves go

Anyway that might work later but i don’t remember many games using what you said.Yes it works for Dota and Team fortress.But i can’t remember using that for other games.