Steam Broadcasting


Looks like Steam just made it a whole lot easier to stream your games. I really like this concept.


Hmmm… This seems interesting.


Me too. Hopefully it’s up an running in time for Evolve. :wink:


This is a great way to show friends a game that they don’t have to see if they want it or not. Or just have the monster player stream and look at their screen. :stuck_out_tongue:


I wonder if they’ll be some way to turn it off and on as well as have an optional delay so people can’t just ‘invade’ your games :stuck_out_tongue:


“Hey what you playing?”
“I’m playing some TF3”
“Where are you?”
First person spies on his friend’s game to see where he is.
“Hey look behind you”
Then the friend kills him with a spy.
They no longer are friends.


I remember DamJess saying some point that there was a possibility for another play test for PC and PS4. Is that something which still might hapen, or won’t happen, or is to be revealed at a later date?:slight_smile:


Sooon! (Pretty sure there will be one)


Yeah, beta for PC and Ps4 would be awesome. Xbox specifies an open beta so maybe the others can expect a closed one?
Also note at the end of the evac vids “Play evacuation, only in the Xbox one open beta, January 2015”
So maybe if the others have betas, it looks like it will be without evacuation.


I’ll be streaming non stop as soon as games hit the shelves. And during beta too if it’s a go for PCs.


I’m thinking closed beta (For all groups) and/or Open beta but only Evac is on XBone, hunt + nest maybe for the rest.


I’m trying it out right now!


Let me know how it is. I’ll try in an hour or so when I’m off work.


Just like twitch, there would be a considerable delay on the stream to avoid it.


I wonder if they plan to monetize it at all?


Hopefully it doesn’t become plagued with ads and other nonsense like Twitch.


How long I’ve waited for such feature! :smiley:


I already opted in. It’s so great because you don’t need any 3d party software/account whatsoever, it’s just super integrated. This is what was needed for those who can’t/won’t go the extra mile to set all this up.


So it seems like Valve is not release a game this year.

They are too busy integrating their new Steam music player and broadcasting beta


I think we get somethink.
They cant leave us in dust with our pc and ps4 :stuck_out_tongue: