Steam activation - Did I get the correct version?


lI just purchased the Evolve PC Monster Race edition from a retailer online, because I found it significantly cheaper than what steam has it listed for, who gave me a Steam activation key upon purchase.

It showed as “Evolve - pre order” or something similar to this upon activation.

Is this how it shows up on steam, or did I just get a key for the wrong version?


is the game installed now?
what does it say in the bottom dlc tab that you own?
from what i know all you do is activate it and then add it to your library,


Calling @THISaint because he prolly knows more than I do


I looked into it a bit further and its looking like they gave me a Key for the wrong version of the game.
My DLC tab is showing only the Behemoth, and its additional skin.

I dont have any of the addtional hunters, the 5th monster, or the skins.

I just opened up a claim with the site I bought it from, hopefully they can either give me a partial refund, since it’s already activated, or just give me the season pass that was supposed to be included.


Yes with Evolve Pre-order it means you got a pre-order one with free Behemoth.

To check if you got the PC Monster one either get inside the game/store and see if the Tier4 hunters are purchased


Go steam/View/Game Details.Click Evolve and in the bottom right corner there should be all the dlc’s.If (for example) It says Crow-Hunter(Trapper class) is there and checked it means everything is alright



I feel for you. I preordered the PCMR but I didn’t get it and I had to purchase Standard and forsake all the goodies. ;-;


Yeah, I definitly got the wrong key then, All I have is the behemoth and its skin.
Hopefully, like I said earlier, they either give me the season pass, or a partial refund.


Even if they give you the Season Pass, they’ll still owe you two T5 Hunters and the T5 Monster which were included too.


Gl buddy.Btw how much did you buy it?


Please ask for a refund. Looks like you only got Pre-Order offer DLC.


I thought that was part of the pass, Ill be sure they get me either a refund, or the correct codes I paid for.

I got it for 60$ on G2A.
I just recently started buying from them, and didnt have a single issue when I bought MK10, along with the kombat pack for 30$ only a week after it was released. I didn’t have any reason to believe Id have this issue with Evolve.


G2A is a trusted site.60$ is a lot for the standar edition so you did buy the monster race.So yeah talk to them you will work something out.


Just wanted to post an update on this, and warn anyone else who might be buying from G2A.

It’s now been 12 days since I purchased my game. And this entire situation has been a nightmare to deal with.
I’d like to warn anyone who is currently does, or is considering buying from G2A in the future. Thier prices may be great, but when somehting goes wrong, thier customer service might just be some of the worst I’ve ever seen.

  • I purchased the PC Monster Race edition of evolve from one of G2A’s sellers on 5/12/15

  • The same day, when the game key was given to me, I activated the game and found out I had the wrong key. I was instead given a key for a Pre-order edition.

  • I instantly contacted support, and open a dispute to get my the issue reslved.

  • Over the course of a few days, I talked back and forth with the third party seller (For those who don’t know, G2A is a marketplace for digital games. From what I understand, they act as a Middleman for other sellers, similar to how Amazon works.)

  • The seller attempted to resolve the issue by giving me a key for the Season pass, which will cause me to lose out on the 5th monster and 2 hunters. Thats not what I paid for so I never activated it. I was unable to even reply to the seller, because they marked the case as resolved on thier end. And Im now stuck waiting for a response from G2A.

  • On 5/18/15 I logged into steam, only to be greeted with a message saying that Evolve and the preorder content has been removed from my steam account due to issues with payment. Which could either be from my end, or because of the methods the seller used to aquire the game.

  • I tried to open a case with G2A support that same day, only to be told to wait patiently, and that they havent forgotten about my case. When I replied the next day, saying I still had not received any action on my case, they closed my ticket.

  • 5/19/15 I opened another support ticet, got the same response, and had my ticket closed by G2A in under 10 minutes.

It is now 5/24/15, 12 days later, and I have gotten no response from G2A at all. My case is still open in thier resolution centre, I’m getting no communication from them at all. I dont know if Evolve was removed from my steam library because they intend to give me the correct key I paid for, or if the seller aquired it illegitimately. They’ve sent me absolutely nothing. I just opened a case with paypal to get a refund an hour ago, so we’ll see how quick they respond now.

I feel like I’ve given them far more than enough time to take care of this than should be necessary, especilly considering I paid extra for G2A shield protection, which is supposed to get me a quicker response, and higher attention when I have to open a case like this. That has very clearly not happened.

All this being said, this is only my second purchase from them. I Bought MKX only a few days prior to all of this. Other than the game itself being a god awful port, I’ve had no issues with G2A and my purchase. I even got the Kombat pack, and Goro, along with the base game all for 30$. But after seing the way they handle things when a problem arises, I may not buy from them again, even with these stupidly low prices. It’s been much more of a headache than it’s worth.


Man, that really sucks. :confused: I feel your pain.

Hope you can at least get a refund.


If you bought it through paypal, then you can dispute it through paypal and get a full refund if you have a screenshot of what you bought and a copy/image of the receipt. Just have to prove you didn’t get what described on the page. :+1:

Also, just to clarify, G2A sells an Evolve + Monster expansion, if that’s what you bought then its not Monster Race Edition. The “monster expansion” is just their way of saying pre-order behemoth. Poor wording judgement I would say since it should read as “Evolve + Behemoth steam code” :-1:

On the other hand, if it specifically said Monster Race Edition, then yeah this sucks :frowning: Hopefully you can get a partial refund if you didn’t go through paypal.


They have the PC monster race too, one for $50 and one for $65, the cheaper one is region locked for Russia etc.

For the OP, when you bought it they gave you an actual key? or a link to click as in steam gift? just to clarify. Steam can ban accounts for buying steam gifts so I stay well away from them. Sites like G2A I have used in the past but I never go for the cheapest seller and I always look at the country flag I am purchasing from. It has to be in a region where I know it will work.

Seems like Steam may have either deleted the game as the purchase looks suspicious (see steam gift) or deleted it due to it being for a different region, seems strange since it activated but itsnot impossible.

Like Meridian said if you used paypal or even a credit card you can dispute the purchase and force a refund through them, send the third party seller and G2A another email stating they have 3 days to reply with the correct key or you will request a chargeback for the wrong item being sold. Nothing makes customer support help more than the potential of loosing money!