Steam 2K: Why skins? Why? We need to do something


TRS made a great game. I have no problem with the dlc. The skins though…what was 2K thinking? They knew people were pissed about the DLC already and put 60 dollars worth of dlc as day one dlc. That looks really bad. Again, I love the game. It just bugs me to see it get trashed on steam so badly. Again,evolve is in danger. We are losing players by the month. What can we do?


Remind people that if they think cosmetic skins are day 1 DLC they should be shoved into an acid bath. Day 1 DLC issues are content, not skins.


I like the skins and purchased all three monster packs because…


I wanted to.

:wink: They are aesthetic, not really understanding what the fuss is about.


By the month?.. it’s only been a week…


Have you watched TotalBiscuit’s ‘WTF is evolve’ ?

If not, I highly recommend it as he explains the whole DLC controversy pretty well


6.99 tax free for 3 monster skins is less than a five guys burger w/ fries and a soda.


Well now I want 5 Guys…


Just passed 5 guys ten minutes ago.


There’s a math problem somewhere in there…


Don’t you people see?

Aesthetic DLC is the best DLC because it means that you can say, “This won’t affect the way I play the game at all so I don’t need it”. Meanwhile everyone else will pay a lot of money for those skins, and the game you love for the gameplay survives off of it.

Who wouldn’t prefer that over paid characters, paid maps, paid game modes, paid XP boosts, etc? If you’re going to get upset about the DLC, at least get upset over the paid monsters and hunters. But the skins? Who cares?


His other DLC video uploaded today was pretty neat too!


You don’t have to buy the skins they are there if you want to buy them? people do not have to buy the skins if they don’t want to and they don’t have to buy the DLC either why not just enjoy the game and if you see something you like buy it. “oh and *by the month” the game hasn’t even been out for a week and the way i see it on the evolve group on “steam” its gaining a lot of people by the day. :slight_smile: if people enjoy the game and don’t like the DLC or content just play the game and don’t bother with it all i can say:P.


Oh, I haven’t seen that yet. Is it about DLC in general or purely Evolve’s DLC? Might watch it later


Both covers Evolve’s DLC and in general also!