Stealth Shampoo is banned from Evolve


StealthShampoo got banned from streaming evolve for unknown reason

Stealth shampoo was one of the biggest assets of Evolve streamers / tournament prodcaster . He was contributing to make the Community bigger . He was passionate about the game . Sacrifice his time , energy , sleep for Evolve

Why would he get banned ?

Even if there was something going on. We can solve things out

Let’s show our support for stealth shampoo


@SledgePainter mind closing and unlisting this? This isn’t something we should be discussing publicly.


How do you know he got banned?


I have heard it from his stream the other day .


did he say why?


I don’t think so

Edit :

You heard the leader

Get your ass back to evolve




He’s not banned guys. It’s a joke.