Stealth pounce


So I was last hunter as Parnell emptying my shotgun into wraith then he pounced me. Is this intended because it seems a little unreasonable to me. Do you guys think making it where the monster can’t stealth pounce for second after being shot is good idea? Do you like it how it is now? Let me know down below.


Yes, this is intentional. However, one thing: When the Monster drops into stealth mode in the middle of a fight, jetpack dodge to the side. He’ll miss the pounce, and since pounce has a cooldown now, you can finish him off.


Good advice I wish I would have thought of that I was so close to killing it lmao


It has a cooldown? It seems people spam it a lot to me. I never knew that :smile:


It does now, apparently. Not sure how I feel about it. Avoiding Sound Spikes will be harder now.


Happens with the goliath as well even if your looking directly at him he can still stealth attack you… This needs to be changed.


Not only was I looking at him I was shooting him in the face!! XD