Stealth Pounce Problems


Who here thinks that it is the most annoying thing when you recognize the stance of a monster about to pounce you and you dodge but get “reeled” back in, even when the pounce completely missed you. I think the hit-box of the pounce should be the area of which the monsters body covers in his pounce. Not 20 feet beyond. And I have found that sometimes when I play behemoth I will attempt to pounce an unsuspecting creature/hunter and it will say sneak attack, but instead the behemoth will just melee instead. And before you ask, No nothing was damaging or interrupting me in any way. Comment if you guys have seen similar stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:


its 10x more annoying when i press crouch quickly and attack quickly. then the monster (especially goliath) proceeds to stare at the hunter for 20 minutes THEN pounces and they are clearly 20 feet away now. I only tapped attack im not holding it why is he doing that!


And then sometimes I have literally pounced over a hunter before, if you ask me I think the stealth pounce is just inaccurate, it needs a little work.


I think it would be awesome if you could pick up a hunter like a dog and carry him to safe place (doing no damage) and then settle in for a bite. That would be an interesting mechanic and funny to do to your friends in a custom. I can imagine the party chat already.


If would be cool if you could ride on the monster back like he’s a horse


I’ve been pounced when im jetpacking up and away from the monster, jetpacking off a cliff, standing way far away because I see him crouched there and like when I’m standing in a gas grenade with my flamethrower going. It’s just absurd how broken pounce is.