Stealth pounce interrupts markovs lightning gun, hydes flame thrower, everything = fix that


You get knocked back in the result and sure he loses ‘‘0.5 seconds’’ but it shouldn’t interrupt my action, it should interrupt the monsters action instead. Patch this.


Hunter 1 (ME) uses hyde/ markov / parnell / ANY HUNTER.
Situation: Monster tries to pounce on Hunter 1. Hunter 1 is ALREADY SHOOTING THE MONSTER BEFORE THE POUNCE HAS STARTED. The pounce ends in a failed attempt BUT, HUNTER 1 IS KNOCKED BACK AND UNABLE TO SHOOT DUE TO STUPID ANIMATION SHOWING HIM FLAILING HIS ARMS. IN the case of hyde, his residual flamethrower damage is being applied on the monster. What happens next? THE MONSTER JUST POUNCES AGAIN BEFORE THE RECOVERY ANIMATION OF HUNTER 1 is finished.

Result: Hunter 1 gets pounced again and punished while the monster wins because he FAILED INITIALLY AND TOOK ADVANTAGE OF A BROKEN MECHANIC.

Fix this garbage. The monster that fails at doing a sneak attack only loses 0.5 seconds as stated above and has absolutely no consequences since Hunter 1 is knocked back from the attempt provided by the monster.





Well if you’re playing hunter right and you stick with your teammates, that stealth pounce wouldn’t last long to begin with.


You’re also doing free damage to him.


Learn the mechanics before you comment here. It doesn’t matter where people are. It INTERRUPTS YOUR ATTACK


So you believe that getting a 5 ton monster on top of you should still allow attacks to be continued. Even after your character is very clearly pinned in the pounce animation?


You clearly don’t play this game. If I’m the hunter and I’m hitting the monster while he pounce attacks, it interrupts the lightning gun and stuns me back. He doesn’t get his pounce damage but he gets to knock me back regardless of being unsucessful. I’ll upload a video to show you since you don’t get it.


I will agree that the monster knock back is okay to have, but sometimes I’ll get knocked for what seems like miles away, just flailing my arms in the air, and then having to take so much time to rejoin the fight because of the distance I was hit away and yes most of the time I get my flamethrower going, it’s already stopped by getting knocked around. I think the personal shield should allow you to be knock back immune for that time period and when it’s down you get knocked around again.


OP, I’m not sure, but I think you’re referring to how just a quick pounce will interrupt abilities, doesn’t matter if you get hit while doing the attack animation, as long as it hits them it’ll interrupt. If that’s the case, then yes… I’m really getting the idea this is broken, you can just initiate a quick pounce and screw over a set up, not to mention Kraken’s has immense range so you can really exploit that.


That IS the balance of the two. If you manage to attack before a pounce, the pounce doesn’t work right away and knocks you back, which might be the only opening you need.


If the monster couldn’t pounce and interrupt attacks then a single hunter could be a hassle. The pounce is a balance and reminder to not hunt the monster alone especially if you’re assault if anyone it would be the trapper in that situation. And if I’m alone with the monster the first thing I’m concerned with is keeping myself safe until my team arrives not damaging it. On top of all that all you have to do to avoid a pounce is stay in the air. Basically your argument is like saying assault personal shield saves him from pounce and death from incap state= fix this


this is why you always keep your eyes on the monster and when team mates aren’t nearby maintain distance. your fighting a MONSTER and your just one man. this game is all about getting safe damage in and effective trades in fights. between the monster’s HP and your strikes. if your enjoying a solo ground fight with the monster expect to get pounced at least with the assault you will have a personal sheild so your team can get there. but most good monster’s will un-pounce and skill your sheild away quicker then pounce does. effectively the solution to this argument is don’t roam alone. and if your the last man down maintain distance and concentrate your fire with a rapid fire weapon, its 50-50 if you’ll negate the sneak pounce. but most good goliaths will auto attack you once before sneaking for a higher success rate.




But the knockback is there to specifically counter that, just jetpack backwards.


I get what you’re saying but still it’s your fault for not being near the team. Don’t expect to roam alone and not get punished.


You still don’t get it. Alone or not it DOES NOT MATTER. Blocking a stealth pounce should not punish the hunter by being knocked back, cancel his fire this leads to a automatic pounce X2 if the monster has better latency OR just spams the shit out of it.


I get what you’re saying. The only two weaopns that can prevent a stealth pounce are the lightning gun and flamethrower. The monster goes into the pounce and then gets knocked out of it. This does need to be fixed. I’ve had it happen.


i know what your saying, i made a thread about it a while ago and posted a video, still everyone said I was bad and to stay with the team, you see they have stop and interrupt as the same word in their brains so they dont get that the monster should not be able to pounce at all if it being shot by assault weapons.


Yes he should. No single person should prevent pounces if he’s the one being pounced. That’s the point. The issue is that right now flamethrower/lightning gun DO cancel the pounce when they shouldn’t.


i think you are misunderstanding my post, when you sneak pounce and are being fired upon there should be no animation at all because all that happens is they jump into you and push you around the map/dome, and if you are assault than the teams damage is being interrupted, you can still get a sneak pounce off without forcing one, But as it stands the one bullet pounce cancel makes things complicated against a pounce spamming monster, especially kraken who seems to have the fastest pounce of all monsters and trust me if your team is spread out they will not always be able shoot the monster.