Stealth play and the early days of Evolve


There’s no doubt the game is in an infinitely better place in terms of balance and bug fixes than when it first released. But does anyone else miss the early days before hunters got really good and experienced with this game and had every square foot of the map committed to memory? I kind of miss the days where you could hide well enough that players would walk right past you hiding in a bush. It’s rare to be able to fake out the hunters anymore, especially if they have Maggie for their trapper. It’s less of a game of hide and seek. I’m not saying I want a completely FT3 environment. It just feels like less of a hunt nowadays. Not sure how to describe it. It’s hard to be stealthy. Anyone know what I’m trying to get at?


Yeah I know what you mean man.


i remember the good old days when I played Kraken and always hid in tall bushes and the hunters would literally be inches away not notice me…

But yea, now its harder to pull off because hunters know all the hiding spots.


I remember when I could literally sneak the whole time and the Hunters would never be able to find me because there weren’t any prints nor very many birds.


plus if they think you are close by blind fire mode till health bar shows. I was in a bush as Gorgon and somehow maggie didn’t notice me dead ahead of her it left me speechless.


I still think, and see, hunters getting juked although it’s less from hiding in a bush and more about rotating around terrain carefully.


i honestly think the hunters got blind when dropping from the ship… Even the simplest of places is crazy how they can’t find you


Kraken seems to be very good at hiding in bushes for some odd reason. His OG skin makes it happen!


I think bog skins were/are amazing back in the day :slightly_smiling:


Hunters have adapted too! :medic: :support: :trapper: :assault: It’s almost like the players are evolving (gasp) haha


Go sit down. I mean, I gave you a like, but still. Go sit down. lol.


(Sigh) back to my healing buoy corner, only there can I think about what I’ve done…


Yea I miss those days. I remember a match I played as behemoth where I didn’t even need hide in a bush; I just faced a cliff or large rock and stood still as the hunters went right past.


Well, I remember the alpha where (if I remember right) there were 0 carrion birds and monsters would literally reach s3 without seeing the hunters.

Sorry but playing the role of the guards in a MGS game is the antithesis of fun for a fair amount of people.


Who needed stealth… With those 5 second domes all you had to do was get trapper to throw it while you had two traversals… Gone!!!


I only had 1 weekend to figure out the game, cut me some slack :).


I still do that. One time, as Gorgon, I knew I was trapped. So instead of hiding in a nonexistent bush (there were literally no bushes in sight) or wall sticking (as I haven’t figured that out yet) I crouched beside a wall. Somehow, Maggie ran straight past me and met up with the other hunters, who were flanking me. It took them a little while to realize I was there. By the time I did that, I was gone.

It’s still possible to hide. Now that it’s harder, it’s more fun. Even if you cannot hide in a bush, hide in the wall. Apparently, Goliath can blend into the walls in Wraith Trap. lol

Evolve is so much fun. :slight_smile:


Well I think I said before I never implied I wanted a FT3 type of environment. I just miss the days when it was a little more of a hide and seek game instead of a marathon running from Hunters. I’ve had games where I very much had the opportunity to not fight until stage 3, but that’s no fun for either side. I always fight once or twice at stage 2 while trying to get to stage 3. Sometimes I’ll even choose to fight at stage 1 if I think I have a good spot to fight in.


Stealth play still works, against any hunter team. You can ask @deanimate or @Dylanfrye they sneak at high level play and make it work :smiley:


Bloody risky though. Screw it up and that can be game D: