Stealth: of domes and sattelite scans



It’s not the scan that ruins stealth, but the auto Dome prompt that activates when the monster is nearby.

It should still be a throwable item like before. Most of the times the Hunter is nearby but they haven’t really picked up the Monster silhouette, yet doesn’t matter since a PRESS F TO DOME THE MONSTER prompt appears bigass on screen.

The Monster fantasy was to stalk and pick fights wisely with the Hunters. As a Hunter it should be to pay attention and share valuable information around the map. It’s ok to have the Dome available for all the hunters, but it’s not ok to also have an automatic prompt when there’s “line of sight” of the Monster.

As I see it, the Hunt consists of “Information Warfare” phase, and Domed Battle phases. The meta of the game has to remark these phases and the escalade that Evolving brings to the table whenever the Hunt gets longer.