Stealth Monster Concept: (Lots of Writing) (Jaguar / Black Panther... Ignore the snake part)


Yes I’m well aware that there’s a lot of threads on this but I started replying to a thread with this and found out I had a lot to write so I’d simply be interested in the forums’ opinion on this. Please note that ideas are coming to me as I write so you’ll notice possible arguments with myself on different concepts and some details will be out of position. For the poor souls that don’t have the time to read the whole thing skip to the botton I’ll summarise it.

So going off the stealth concept many people have had, my idea is a monster that has a larger difference in power from level 1 to level three. I’m thinking a monster that can go invisible or at least camoflauge, could be a snake like most people said, and I imagine it to be a kind of assassin playstyle with high burst that can pin a hunter down and kill him / her in a matter of seconds but to balance this the monster would have low health (like Kraken). I would like to see this monster really weak at level 1 desperately trying to hide and scavange while the hunters desperately try to hunt him down and take off large portions of his health before he reaches stage 3. At stage three there would then be a reversal of the roles where the hunters become the hunted, trying to create an outpost and possibly trying to protect the medic. So this boss fight would be more concentrated on the hunt itself. Now because he would have a stealth mechanic his tracks would have to be less accurate / obvious because otherwise if you saw the tracks stop you’d realise that he’s right in front of you, but because of this (and considering he’s a predator) you can balance this out with the birds who are more likely to react (larger range of detection + / or less movement required to activate them) to the presence of this monster therefore giving you a more obvious clues about it’s location. Therefore overall making the monster’s general position more known whilst his actual position less known, this would really force the monster to scavenge for supplies trying to get whatever he can. Trapper would probably be this monster’s bane as as soon as they known he’s in the area he could drop his “force field” (I apologise for not knowing the actual term) forcing the monster to become a sitting duck. Now comes the problem concerning finding the monster in the field before it runs out. Now if the monster is camoflagued then players could try to find by noticing the which slight differences, however I don’t particularly like this mechanics because it would make the monster almost too difficult to find for inexperienced players and too easy to find for advanced players. Also this would likerally cause the monster to be a sitting duck and not have much of a chance of counter play seeing as though if you see a rock move you’re going to shoot the hell out of it. Which brings me back to invisibility, I’m thinking an invisibility with a sort of ripple effect, kind of like in movies, so you see through the creature but the image is slightly distorted. This distortion would be increased whilst the creature moved. This would allow counter play from the creature as it slowly tries to position itself in an ideal position to target the trapper to cause the force field to drop and allow it to escape. Right forget the snake. I’m thinking a sleek black panther like creature. Fast. It can run on walls and stay attached to them. Yes I like this much more than a snake, because snakes would be unable to move through the different terrains offered in this game (how does a snake climb up a cliff?). Right the panther is giving me a lot of ideas. I’ll try and stay focused on a single subject here. So the abilities and their leveling.

Stealth: different options available levelling wise, you could have small amounts of stealth at level 1, then medium at level 2 and infinite at level three. Personally I would like the stealth to be infinite at level one making it activate passively. However attacking and being attacked forces the monster out of stealth and putting the ability on cooldown, if he takes subsequent damage or attacks again, the cooldown is refreshed. Now to have infinite stealth at level 1 you could have increased damage on the first attack coming out of stealth. Increasing as you level it. Conclusion: even though I love perma stealth lvl 1 concept, because the monster should be really weak early and really strong later I find that the increase in stealth time stays truer to the concept.

Dash: Pretty self explanatory. A movement speed increase. level one allows for a short distance to be travelled. Level two medium and level three would be medium large BUT it doesn’t break the stealth. If there isn’t an attack damage buff on the stealth I think it should be moved to this ability (maybe not look at next skill) . Obviously increasing per level.

Claw swipe: Main fighting skill. Again pretty self explanatory. You need to a form of constant damage and this could be it. Level 3 of this skill could also increase the damage done by basic attacks

Execute: The final move. An attack that does more damage the less health one has, level 2 more damage dealt and level a little extra damage dealt BUT grants a buff to “scent” (i think that’s the name of the ability the one that allows monsters to scout) where it’s range is increased. However in the extra part of the range only low health enemies are visible.

Again final note to counter the strength this monster would be weak with a short armour bar and sort of short health bar. So pinning it down would cause huge problems for it.

Summary: Jaguar / Black Panther. Really weak level one, really powerful evolution 3. Abilities: Invisibility, Dash, Claw Swipe, Execute. Gameplay would be more oriented on early game trying to track down the monster to stop it from going on it’s power spike.

Right that’s about it. I’m sorry I wrote so much I’m not sure why I just like getting my ideas out there (unlikely this’ll ever be considered). But I love to hear your opinions and thoughts on this specific monster.


Well fecio_giov though it works well as a idea the finished product needs tweaking a bit so let me throw some of my own ideas on what could help him see what you and others think. as for the panther concept if you are thinking something like the monster from avatar (cant think of there name atm) could work well. instead of full on stealth maybe make it for a small time (getting longer per lvl) he leaves no tracts and gives him a cloak like the hunters i just realized this could be a thing and no one (that i have seen) has mentioned this for the stealth monster and could make him very cunning as you come to a crossroads with hunters on your trail pop the skill and run back a little crouching down for the surprise attack. Another thing is the monsters need damaging moves so mixing your dash and claw swipe would be better so a foreword rush move swinging wildly knocking enemy’s back. the execute though grate in theory would be a lot of work for the developers so maybe do a massive strike that makes the monster gather himself up and hits a area hard as his rockthrow/lightningstrike ability. as for a monster like this i could see for a 4th skill a scream aoe hit that deals small dam and easy to hear maybe even showing his general location to the hunters to thry to lead them into a trap and if anyone is hit by it i realized how important hearing your surroundings and other players is watching the e3 shows so maby make it for 5 sec or so they cant hear i mean just no audio or some sort of (none high pitched ear killing noise) tone there are some thoughts let me know what you think i see potential in your beast though


I’m sure it’s called a Thanitor


i think your right that would even be a good name for the monster in thanatos.


well I guess it is kind of like the monster from avatar but that’s based of the same animal.


you know i cant help but realize all the work i put into thinking of some ability tweaks new ideas and all anyone is commenting on is the panther idea… the internet is over im going home.


Yeah I see what you mean, I did lack a lot of damage and I like the sprint attack. Honestly I was just trying to think of an assassin like monster that hunts. i really like the concept of as a hunter being afraid of something pouncing out of nowhere and murdering you in an instant. Now I tried to focus more on the challenges on allowing such a powerful monster exist within the game. It’s all well and good to say “oh I want i giant dragon made soley out of fire which kills you in a glance” that might be a cool idea but inadmisible because the hunters would have no fighting chance. So I kind of focused on the main concepts of hunting and evolution to make this monster both cool and balanced. I agree he needs more combat skills as you may have noticed my claw skill was… uninspired. I like the scream aoe especially if one where to add a slight knockback because you could pounce in the middle of the team scream and the focus your priority target whilst the team is disoriented. I’d like to use this chat to pool in ideas from everyone to try and create a presentable monster. Now I don’t know if the developers actually read these but if it get’s enough attention we might have a shot. If a lot of ideas pool in I’ll summarise them up every once in a while adding my own opinion about how each idea affects the concept or “feel” or this monster. Also I know nothing about programming so the execute just game from me playing League Of Legends and being used to such abilities.


don’t worry just focused on the main point now hadn’t seen the original message.


well first off MacMan who is a co-founder does read these a lot and loves some of the concepts made by people and its ok to relies you monster is flawed that’s the point of these forums is to speculate and brainstorm but most of all to hype us up with the possibility’s in till evolve is in our heart and soul… and hands while we laugh manically.


This is exactly the monster i’m hoping for! This is the description I posted in numerous topics: @fecio_giov

I definitely think something along the lines of the Thanator out of Avatar should be added as the “Stealthy” and “Fast moving” Monster! (Even for a DLC if something like this isn’t added as the Monster in the third tier.) Imagine this pouncing at you from a cliff side or bush! It would be such a rush seeing this in-game and having to fight it! I can picture it running in and tearing everything to shreds! (It would have to be played strategically of course! Low health but insane speed.) I think some awesome ideas could be gathered from the wildlife in Avatar! (Especially the Banshee :wink:)