Stealth monster and abilities


Something I’d like to see is a plant like monster. Something that can take advantage of all the vegetation. A little thing thats been stuck in my head ever sence I saw that a hunter could cloak. The monster would walk on all fours, would have fungus/plants on him I’d like to say a dark or light Brown skin coloration. While abilities it could have is

  1. a area effect poison spore/gas burst that can affect the hunters vision and speed for a short time.
  2. poison spit the concentrated poison in it’s spit deals damage over time and could have a small chance to attract hostile wildlife.
  3. mimic it can mimic the wildlife sounds to attract/fool wildlife and Hunter alike
  4. borrow it can dig underground for a short time, however when it emerges it’s drained physically and moves slowly for a short time.
    That’s something I’d like to see but what other stealth oriented monsters would ou like to see and what could they do? I’m looking forward to seeing what you say.


All monsters can stealth but it does make sense to make one that plays on it a little more. I think it would be enough to have a single camouflage power. Something that makes the monster completely invisible for a period of time and as long as it remains still. I also see it changing its melee attack into some sort of eviscerate one-shot kill against any hunter that gets close enough while camouflaged.

The power could be used in two ways. You could hide where the hunters are likely to run and then attack. Or you could use it to throw them off your trail.


I don’t think he needs the mimic. he needs some more damages. or maybe be the only monster that can heal. by using photosynthesis. but i love the idea of a Damage over time monster. and maybe instead of burrowing he can highlight vegatation and mimic it to hide


Just something I’d like to point out is that all of the abilities revealed so far can directly deal damage. Here’s a recap for goliath and kraken respectively. Dash, Leap Attack, Fire Breath, Rock Throw, Lightning strike, Banshee mines, after shock, and vortex. Some moves have dual uses such as dash and leap helping you move and the banshees can be set as traps. Also, Goliath has a regular leap and Kraken can levitate. So, you need 4 moves that directly damage an opponent and a locomotive move


Going invisible seems more futuristic than natural. It’d be better if it was more of a chameleon effect where it matches the colour of its surroundings rather than completely disappearing in my opinion


For simplicity’s sake, I think they would do transparency rather than chameleon, which would be incredibly difficult to pull off due to rapidly changing backgrounds


I meant it to be camouflage, similar to the way some real creatures change their colour to blend in with surroundings. Obviously a more advanced form. From a technical point of view the easiest way to do this would be to make the monster invisible.


I don’t know a lot about how that would need to be developed so I’m just gonna take your word for it


It’s true what we have seen so far are all damaging attacks but a) we haven’t seen enough so far to establish hard rules, b) variety isn’t a bad thing, c)hunters have non damaging abilities, why not monsters?


I was thinking the same about the need for all abilities needing to be damage dealing. I remember there being a digging monster at one point that could hide away from the monsters if not in combat. That isn’t really offensive


I’m willing to bet the burrowing either had an explosive exit or it was the locomotive move


Pretty sure one of the Turtle Rock guys was on a monster thread a few months back and talked about having a monster take on it’s surrounding textures but it was super buggy and hard to make it look right and not glitch out, etc.

EDIT: I think the last monster is going to be ambush oriented which would be perfect for a burrowing monster as it’s locomotion.


I would love to see that on a monster. Maybe some kind of lizard ish creature that is more based on stealthy take downs than long range like the kraken or pummelling hunters to the ground like goliath. It would put another spin on the game. Also considering the last monster is probably the burrowing insect from the leaks this could be in the monster expansion pack. Camouflage would be a movement ability. They could make it so to use it you have to be sneaking to not make it OP.