Stealth is totally UP


no reason to be stealth monster its far better and safier to just run circles/ imo that needs to be changed. u actually get urself in danger by trying stealth


Depends on the situation. With Daisy around, or if you get darted, stealth isn’t going to work. When we’ve had a Griffin, we’ve had a full-stealth monster avoid us for a full 10 minutes.


with griffin too if u eat or do something whtey all be here why take risk anyway . they know where u are just cant chase u (take spped perk too)


depends on the hunters u are up against.

Daisy and Maggie totally counter steathy monsters and will find u anyways, in fact vs them its just a waste of movespeed.

But vs griffin its a way to avoid the sound spikes, they wont trigger when the monster is sneaking.

I think stealth is matchup dependend, but can be great in some cases.


Highly disagree. I have used stealth to great capacity even against very good hunter teams.


nah, ive had hunters chase me through caves only for me to stealthy backtrack at an intersection. or just stealth crouch behind a big tree and double back with stealth.

just get better with how you use stealth, and learn more about the signs and what they are telling you.


i mean yes u CAN use stealth but why bother when running get same results but safier


I’ve sat in a bush with Daisy four feet away and they didn’t find me. Depends on the team,


A bad team is a bad team, doesn’t matter what hunters they use; the game shouldn’t be balanced around people that don’t know how to play it.


because using stealth has a use that you just arent using it for yet. ive had hunters follow me into cave systems, then i use the stealth to flee then sprint to other side of map when im out of hearing range.


Daisy has a marker on her head which changes to a read mark when she’s close to the monster, a good team would have checked the surroundings.


Nope keep running and it’s too easy to cut you off.


You don’t stay in stealth the whole time. Use it just when they’re close to shake them, then dart off.


i thought the marker only turns red when daisy actually has line of sight on a close monster, not just proximity.


I’ve played all the monsters, and used stealth against Daisy of all things!

I stop, Smell, Run ahead, stealth, and sit in a bush.
Daisy stops to bark, and all the hunters keep running, she eventually follows them and I walk out, unscathed.

L2P, kids… L2P.


I use stealth to great effect all the time. Its great for doubling back in the opposite direction when hunters are on your trail, or for setting up ambushes.


Running around like that against a good team will get you killed. They’ll split, cut you off, predict your movements, and out you down like a disgraceful pup. With stealth… Just. No.