Stay Positive


I constantly see threads like
‘oh this is broken’
‘what are you doing trs’
‘please fix’

This thread will be none of that. I wanted to make a thread about anything and everything positive.

please no:

  • balance issues
  • X is OP
  • Y in unfair
  • Z takes no skill
  • or arguing about anything really

I just want people to post things they love about the game
My favorite thing about evolve is how much the devs respond to the community. I’ve never seen game devs give such consistent feedback to regular players. I mean they are ALWAYS on here replying to topics and doing the best they can to make this a fun experience for everybody.


Yesterday I got connected to the match as Trapper one second before monster died. I liked that :wink:

PS. Does it count as “everything positive” ? :sunglasses:


I saw a panda at the zoo.
Then someone let him free.
Then he did this

It was hilarious.


You want to buy this cheese?


I love this game, despite what people think/say I think it is well polished (very much so by today’s standards of games), well presented (I love the main menu where you see the hunter/monster you last played striking various poses) and just heaps of fun, I have been playing since launch and the disc hasn’t left my Xbox. I am a huge fan of co-op and competitive games and this has some how smushed the two together.

I honestly have no problems when it comes down to hunters/monster being too OP (other than the Wraith at launch), I believe anything can be beaten using the correct strategies and just being a team player (or a smart monster).

I could probably go on but I’m pretty sure there will be people who are against my optimism for this game.


I love playing as Goliath and once he’s downed a hunter he goes through the animation where he picks up the body in his balled up fist and roars at it before smashing it into the ground. Puts a smile on my face every time.

And I think that panda needs a Goliath hug


I love Behemoth smashes Power Relay. Seriously. :sunglasses:
BTW I play Behemoth only - since it bacame available. My favorite monster. :heart:


I love tongue grabbing that fleeing hunter and than locking them in with me using rockwall knowing all the while they have that “oh shit” feeling :smile:


List would be too long, but off the top of my head…

I love the Monster designs, the strategic depth of the game, working together with my friends to bring down a beast, Hunter dialogue, that moment before the drop, killing Hunters without even losing all your armor, playing with new skins, making skin spotlight videos, discussing the lore with my friends, etc., etc.


I absolutely love orbital striking the ground as soon as the game starts. The amount of panic from my teammates cracks me up.
EDIT: that wasn’t supposed to be a reply to you. I clicked the wrong reply button :sweat_smile:


That’s OK squee. I forgive you :wink:



Trapjaws are evil they ruin my feeding habits, always so greedy never want to share my slayed meat.


Sorry to hear that mate.
But do you realize how expensive are they to be fed every day till I can sell them on the market ?
From time to time I need to release them to catch anything they find … makes my budget better :sunglasses:


Just don’t reply to him. Once he’s not getting the attention he wants he’ll go away. Just post good things and drown him out.
Like when you pick up the spotter perk and realize the monster is close by in a bush :smiley:


I was the one responsible for that. I should’ve known better.


I’ll probably get ban for that. :laughing:


Please edit that, especially since you know it’s frowned upon.


Maybe if there were less Trapjaws to feed there would be less of a hassle to feed them. Maybe let them eat each other :smiley:

Hampsters do this all the time.


seriously!!! oh my… :eyes: