Status update - I beat the shit out if it


Yep, cat scan came back and I am 100% clear of cancer. Hell of a ride when being diagnosed with Thyroid cancer last year. I read what you guys have posted in my previous thread to heart. To what my friends and family said to heart and I got stronger inside. Not only did it give me the strength I needed it gave me the will power to fight it from the inside.

So in short…

Fuck Cancer.


YAYY!!! So happy for you!!
hugs :smiley:


Made me really sick going through the medications and treatments. I’m up too 147 pounds now. I take meds everyday but I can live with that.


Yeah, I bet it’s a tough road, but I’m glad you beat that sucker! :slight_smile:


Wow man, that’s great to hear. It’s great knowing that this fantastic community helped you beat this thing, even though it was just words that were said. It just shows that sometimes it only takes words from a few people to make a difference.

Thanks for sharing your triumph with us, it really means a lot. :slight_smile:


^^;; I’m so glad you beat it.


Not if I fuck diabetes first. (I have the gene for it, since my dad is a type 1 diabetic)

All-in-all this is some great news. I’m glad your health hasn’t failed you, nor has any of your friends or family. You’ve been a real trooper :wink:


You will gain weight again, I went up to 110KG after I was done with one of my first rodeos. But I’m tall, so it’s ok.
How was your Chemo back in the day? What kind of intervals did they gave you with it? Any surgerys?


I’m so glad you’re OK, :smiley:
We’re happy to see you’re back :slight_smile:



This is wonderful news! I’ve seen far too many people taken by cancer. I’m glad to know that you were able to beat it!

And I agree, fuck cancer.




2 rounds of Chemo. First batch was through IV the second batch was oral. Thyroid removed.


Sounds hard, but you feel better again and thats what maters


Made me really sick. Thyroid controls a lot of stuff such as weight, mood and blood pressure. I had a weird reaction when I started taking Diltiazem24hr ER with Sertraline/Olanzapine for mood and weight. Diliazem is for Blood pressure. Now they switched it to Amlodipine Besylate with Synthroid.

I also get headaches after chemo and 1000mg Naproxen helps a lot. Ondansetron helps a lot as well.

Blood pressure and pulse is gonna take some dosage changes. It will settle after a while. My last visit with BP of 178 HR at 122. Very high.


Well done pal!


Little late but this is some good shit bud