Status reset

After the patch my stats reset which then i was told to restart the game, in which i did and im still level 1 with the daily 1.5k keys.

I was also told that joining a game can bring back your stats, but 3 normal games later my stats have increased from lvl 1 to lvl 4 with no changes.

But i didn’t lose my characters, but it makes it feel like a level 1 with a kraken kinda awkward with people calling you a hacker.

@Gertz, @snowkissed

No idea why your rank remains resets even after restarting the game. Maybe do a full system restart and see if it still happens? Otherwise I suggest to post back here with your Steam ID so the devs can take a look.

To find your steam ID, check here for instructions:

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I would recommend completely exiting out of the game and relaunching it. That should fix it. If not, let us know.


Full system restart 3 times.
Thought server error was my computer but nope it was a bug.

Stats still remained fixiated at lvl 4.

steamID: 76561198064549852

I’ve restarted many times only to see the same result.

Have you tried verifying your game files? See this post here for instructions: TRS Forum - Self-Help Tech Support

And otherwise I suggest to still respond back with your Steam ID and perhaps a screenshot or video of what you see in-game?

For this Steam ID, I’m seeing you have an account level of 3. I don’t see any problems myself, so tagging @Stalefish to help out.

Hang tight!

Steam ID: 76561198064549852

Screenshots (lazy to upload it to some picture filing site)

These are the only 2 characters i owned before the update and reset.

Also to included my perks are mostly gone as only a few of them remain thru character lvl unlocking.

1337 h4x0r!

As other people suggested, try relogging and see what happens. If that doesnt change anything, support is your friend.

Can you clarify the issue you’re seeing? Are those recent screenshots that you just posted? It looks like in those, you’re account level 3, which is correct. Were you a different level before the patch?

Yep.Was level 23 before the patch

With a different amount of keys unlike what you see now. (about 5k)

What exact level were you and/or how many exact keys do you believe you had before the reset?

Currently validating files to see if that works.

Otherwise i was level 23 with about 5k keys before the patch.

Were there any specific character you leveled up a lot that might be worth saying (along with their level you had before the patch)?

Only remember that he had a silver rank right before the start of a gold rank along with a gold outline around the banner.

Remember that he was bronze with the star on top.

Also Goliath
Rank was right before silver rank with gold outline around banner

Sorry to report that validating files DID NOT work as i’m still seeing the same level 3 account with 2.8k keys.

Well, this sucks. I’ve identified the problem, and it looks like your profile was wiped. There was a very small window this morning (around 10:15am PST) where logging in had the potential to wipe your profile, and from your profile logs you logged in right at that time. The good news is that the window is so small that I don’t expect that this affected more than a dozen or so people.

I’ll give you two options. I can restore your profile to a backup that was made last night, or I can manually bump up your levels and EC to where they were based on your logs. Restoring from the backup will take a little while, but manually bumping you up I can do right now. Which would you like me to do?

Similarly, if anyone else is in this same boat and reads this, let me know. I can verify if it actually happened to you, and bump you up as well.

I logged in at 10:42 PST.

Unless my clocks were decieving me.

Also please manually bump me up based on my logs.
Bit tired of playing with a kraken on a level 3 account and people be calling hacker.

I had a millions of currency of my choosing on my bank account, and that was randomly lost in your log window. Can you give that back to me?



Daily rewards back to day 1 ;-;
I was looking forward to that hyde skin too XD
But the extra amount of credits given are enough so thanks anyways :smiley: