Stats reset!


So the last couple of days i have spent emailing 2k and the people at turtlerockstudios, trying to recover my stats that were automatically restarted when i logged on. finally they got back to me just to inform me that none of my stats could be recovered that they dont do that, instead they want to unlock all the characters for me to try in help, which is nice of them to do but lets be honest i grinded the f**k outta this game i had my griffen trapper at 17 ranked in the world, now i go on and see my trapper at 37,xxx in the world, sorry for the rant but it just sucks wacthing all your hard work go down the drain…

EDITED** my last sentence i do apologize for the hostile behavior


I think you are a liar!


Think of it as an early Prestige :smiley:


Yea… I made this forum account to complain about the same thing. I was top 10 in world leaderboards being medic… And it got reset


thats great for you, i have pictures and they were even looked over by the 2k support team, but just to shut you up and make you look like s**t ill post them for you too :wink:


Do it! There is no way this happened to you!


I back up his case. Cause this legit just happened to me.


You both are in this together! I have never seen this in any other thread before! Maybe cus I never use the search function either. Do you know how?


You got problems…


That is true. I havent slept in 32 hours and Im really tired.


thanks for the back up, im legitly trying to post a pic for everyone i just made this account in the past two days, but everytime i go to post a pic it says “sorry new profiles cannot post pics”…seriously this is whack


I’ve never seen a thread about this before. No idea what Myala is on about. You two are clearly made for each other since you are definitely two of a kind.

All those complaints about Evolve’s matchmaking, and people just didn’t realize it was trying to make legit couples, not capable teams.


lol i guess so


I don’t wanna stop playing. So I’m just not gonna care about the leaderboards til they fix this poop in a cup.


lol tru, i just like playing with friends to pass time, but it was nice to see inkDsoldier420 ranked the big 17 now i cant even bare bringing up them stats lol


You guys should party up to help build up your masteries. I did that for a few of my friends earlier this week after they had their progress reset. Got wraith unlocked and to second star mastery really quickly. I would say maybe less than an hour.


now i thought you just said,“you have never seen this happen before” lol and i was a liar…???


I was being a douche. Now Im helping. Im flexible like that. Also, super tired so Im having emotional swings. But yall should totally hook up and start a friendship. That would be super cute.


since the turtlerockstudios say im a NOOB and cant post pics lol heres what 2k sent me…
Hi Poling622,

Thank you for contacting 2k support, we apologize for the loss in the progress. Our development team is aware of this and is working to effectively resolve it.

In the meantime, as we do not have the ability to manually grant you your progress back (levels, perks, badges or mastery), we would like to offer to unlock all characters to make up for the inconvenience of your lost progression.
In order to assist you with this resolution, we will need the following information from you:

The email address which you registered your My2K account with.
Your current rank.
A screenshot of your gaming profile name as it appears on the
leader board, with the character that is currently locked, but which you had unlocked before.(please see the attachment as an example for what we need) - This we have received in your request however due to resolution it is not possible to make out your gamer tag from there, is it possible to resend it with a higher resolution?

This can be either:

  1. A character unlocked from the Tier 2 or 3 hunter.
  2. Any of the other monsters. (not Goliath)

Once we have received this information we will escalate this ticket for your character unlocks to be processed. Again, please take note that we will not be able to give you back your level, perks, badges or mastery.

If you do not have a My2K account, please create an account and link it with your Evolve account. To create a My2K account, please go to and in the top right corner click on “Sign up” Select to sign up with your email and follow the steps through the sign up process.

As soon as I receive all of this information, your issue shall be further looked upon.

Kind Regards,

Dmitrii M.
2K Support


lol, maybe someday. its so odd i have seen this happen to a few of my friends who live right next to me, but the same friends i play with on a day to day basis never have had their stats messed with…makes me wonder if its something to do with region like where you live and play, if your affected or not…i really dont know