Stats reset on Evolve


I was trying to connect to my friend’s session today on Evolve and it wouldn’t let me. So I quit my game and reloaded it and it told me to adjust my brightness. I was a tad bit confused but I continued, thinking maybe I accidentally clicked on something. Well after doing so, it forced me to play the tutorial. This is when I got a little scared. So I quit the tutorial and started up a multiplayer lobby, looked down and I was lv 1! I wasn’t completely sure what was going on at first, maybe it was still loading, maybe my internet, idk. Again I quit my game, this time no tutorial, and the same problem persists. This time I checked the leaderboards, still 9000 in the world globally. After that I checked my progression, no more elite skin for Griffen and all of my unlocks are reset. After a little research I went to and filled out a survey. In it, it states that if you take a pic of what you haven’t unlocked yet and send it to them, you might be able to get it back. Well idc about unlocking that I just want my lv’s back and my elite skin for Griffen back. Does anybody know if there is a way to get your stuff back? If so how. Thanks


Not to be rude but a search function would have saved you the time of typing that out. This is a common problem and is being looked into aggressively.


I know this, but my question has not been answered after hours of research. Is there a way to get your stats back and if I send in a pic of my leaderboards can I get them back other than just the characters you haven’t unlocked


Sadly no, according to them they cannot manually adjust rankings, badges, skins, basically anything to do with progression.

All they can do for you is give you the hunters/monsters you already have basically


This makes me scared to play, I’m number 7 in NA, 16 in world as hank, if my rank gets reset that would kill me.