Stats from beta


I was wondering if the stats you get from the xbox one open beta would carry over to the full game, such as achievements and level.


Everything will be reset, from what I have heard that includes press release. but if you preordered on xbox i think you get instant access to tier 3 hunters.


i thought that those on xbox one, with a 2k account, they would keep that stuff, but only the xbox one players. im not sure though


Unlocks stay. Stats reset.


Could be, I’m not sure sorry.


ok, what about achievements, do those reset as well


The only thing that carries over is the characters you unlocked and that is only if you had a my2K account signed in, everything else resets.


There were no “Achievement” unlocks during Beta, just perks. Those will be reset. The only thing that carries over is character unlocks, unless you have a My 2k account and have been playing the mobile app. The effort on those unlocks goes to 50% of your need for unlocking perks in-game.


By achievements did you mean accolades? I’ve heard people call those achievements before. If so they too reset.


no i meant like doing what was needed on the actual achievement, i heard from someone that if you do what the achievement is during the beta that when the game comes out you would unlock it


Oh ok my bad. I think being so everything else resets it is safe to say achievements will start from scratch too. Just don’t quote me on this though. :smile:


Yeah only the characters you have unlocked during the beta will carry over, providing you signed in with a my2k account during the beta!