Stats for the App a little more detailed?


I love this game I’m not here to complain just suggesting the App could be better. I wish it were more detailed.

Since I’m Elite Lazarus I would like to see

  • how many times I’ve revived people
  • how many times I’ve revived people with my personal cloak on
  • how much healing I’ve done with my heal burst
  • how many hits and damage I’ve done on the monster
  • how much damage the monster’s done to me
  • how many times wildlife (which species) have killed me
  • how far I’ve flown with my jetpack
  • how I’ve ran
  • how many head shots I’ve gotten on the monster

those are just things I’ve thought of

feel free to add more OR
say this is a stupid idea OR
if an app like this already exists just tell me I’m stupid and say that it’s right here :joy: