Statistics reset / override :(


I’m gutted ! I had 19 kills 0 deaths with the Goliath, I then go into my first 5day match (the name escapes me in my sadness) and after this is all over my Goliath stats are now 5 wins 2 deaths! Is there anything that can be done about this (before anyone suggests changing filters etc I’ve tried everything)


I’ve been playing since the game came out and every hunter I have played is stuck at only 4 wins and it never updates and now I really could care less about any stats.


I’m not fussed about my hunters, I can’t control wether I win or lose as a hunter (3 other hunters) whereas when I’m Goliath it is down to me and only me if I win, part of the appeal of the game (as it is repetitive) was wanting to see how many games I could go as Goliath without dying, apparently evolve didn’t want me to get past 19-0


Well the new patch that’s coming out is going to fix the stat reset problems and I assume other problems with stats so now it’s just a waiting game.


Only thing I can find is this quote from Macman.

Nothing much really discussed about statistics being fixed quite yet.


Ahh nice ok thanks for you info guys! I hope the patch works