Statistics is merciless: monster players are doomed


4 hunters + 1 monster

It means on average there are about 80% people playing hunters and 20% monsters.
Seeing how many people complain about being forced to play monster, these numbers are probably closer to somehting like 90% hunters + 10% monsters.

Now, let’s assume in each group there are about 2% of “pro” players - which mastered their roles so well they can face much stronger opponents (“I never lost against T4 hunters…”, “I like this challenge, I was undefeated till now…” etc). It means the final odds are something like:

88.2% non-pro hunters, 9.8% non-pro monsters.

Easy to say which group you need to satisfy to boost overall number of players & DLC store. :confused:

Points to consider - long term - are (in my opinion):

  • how does it impact overall “population” of monster players and…
  • …if it does impact it negatively, perhaps it creates long term danger to overall game “survivability” ?
  • also: the less monster players - the more hunters forced to play as monster, most probably: forced to play as weak monster ==> lowering average match quality ==> impacting back hunters

So… perhaps there is some hope ? …


Don’t forget the game is balanced based on data coming in from games, showing measurements on skill abilities, victories – etc. The thing is I know a lot of Monster Players, like myself, which are avoiding the game right now. Which only means the win / loss ratio is going to get wildly skewed in those balance reports. Like the Wraith before it, the new DLC hunters are likely in the 75% win ratio range at level 40 – which means over-nerfs incoming in the near future.


Well whatever happens, hopefully future hunters arent like T4, im not sure I can keep playing if i jusy keep getting stomped nonstop, kinda killin the game for me :confused:


I don’t see how this makes sense. Markov, Cabot and Maggie were among the most used hunters and they got nerfed, while underused hunters like Bucket got buffed. If statistics played such a large role, then why were the most popular, overpowered hunters hit?

Telemetry is what the devs are working with and the last patch was awesome and has definitely given them my full confidence.


Did you just kinda make these numbers up?


This is my conclusion based on the match composition (4 hunters, 1 monster) + the fact that on the forum (representing more-less some statistical sample) more people seem to complain that they are forced to play monster rather then vice-versa. So I assume hunters>80%, monsters<20% … I mean on average.


You don’t even need to be pro as Hunter so all in all, game favors Hunters way too much. Not to mention they keep nerfing the monsters and come out with OP Hunters. Two game modes that still favor Hunter as well.