State of the game from balance to bugs to gripes


Unloading a lot of stuff here as a general synopsis of everything currently wrong with this game, not to sound in any way incendiary as this is still the most polished the game has ever been.

Goliath/meteor: slightly underpowered
Kraken: maybe ever so slightly underpowered (might just be in reference compared to elder)
Elder kraken: still slightly overpowered
Wraith: still way too strong
Behemoth: needs work (you’re doing the work)
Markov: seems weaker than blitz most of the time
Maggie: while the daisy movespeed perk is nice, wasteland seems more viable all the time
Jack: I feel his satellite isn’t very viable in this accelerated game that stage 2 is so he might be a little weak
Cabot: due to not being able to directly aid a teammate besides his class ability and with his particle strike not being important in this faster game, he seems a little weak (suggestion, replace the strike with a combat aid like you did with bucket)
Sunny: her shield drone might be making her a little too strong currently (probably the only overpowered hunter - blitzarkov and wasteland Maggie would be second and third but I don’t think they’re in that much of a problem state)

If a hunter is under a dot that is visible on them like fire and they win, the fire remains on screen as the camera fades out

I feel perks are too expensive since you basically have to get any perk you want to use to its third level which for superior perks costs more than say Maneater griffin and bucket combined.

The ai seems tuned for the old style of evolve and thus is too slow and clunky. It’s almost assured to be a loss when someone quits as a hunter.

Closing remarks: this game is closer than ever to being truly great. I feel these issues are the most important things to hit first. That said, this alone won’t make a perfect game. Tweaking the very balance of the game to make it easier or harder to find the monster or to kill and eat wildlife is also important but even with over 40 hours on stage 2 I couldn’t speculate on perfect methods of fixing that.

P.s. if anyone knows this please say so, but does the reload speed perks work with lennox’s punches?


Meteor is fine, it’s vanilla Goliath that needs some TLC in regards to a bigger splash radius. Both need that charge to be fixed.

Kraken is also in a decent position, and much better off than the two goliaths.

Elder kraken is strong, and does indeed need balance done.

Wraith is weak right now. She’s just a PUG stomper. She needs an abduction overhaul and a decoy change (increase health pool, less damage)

Maggie has much more CC and reliable damage spread than wasteland. I feel she’s in a good spot.

Markov’s rifle could use some love like before.

Jack is strong right now. The only weak point is his tracking ability, which doesn’t hurt him that badly overall.

Cabot could use some TLC now that his kit brings down the dome much faster. Maybe mitigate the bonus damage to dome time.


I’ll take your word on Maggie and jack and attribute it more to them just not being my preferred style or that I haven’t been playing as well to their strengths. The wraith comment only solidifies that it needs massive reworking if it’s too good and too bad all at the same time


The wraith being a PUG stomper isn’t the wraith’s problem, it’s a player problem.

She’s weak, and newbies just don’t know how to adapt to her yet. Wait for players to get more organized when playing hunter and watch how her win rate diminishes.